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Next year, Sichuan gasoline upgrade No. 93 can be replaced No. 97 No. 92 can be exchanged for 95 Sichuan online news (reporter Li Xinyi) reporter in November 4th from PetroChina Sichuan sales branch was informed that Sichuan region will be upgraded from January 1, 2017 to the country’s five standard. By then, the gas station will stop selling less than the country’s five standard gasoline and diesel vehicles. 93, 97, two label gasoline will be adjusted to 92, 95, 98 three mark. At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities and some cities in Guangdong have begun to implement the country’s five standards, Chengdu will be the first year after the first taste of national five oil, some areas may also be ahead of schedule. After the implementation will significantly reduce pollutant emissions and the National IV standard, China 5 standard three down: reduce the sulfur content of 80% gasoline, sulfur is the environmental protection index of the key vehicle, causing acid rain is the main component of sulfur; manganese content index limit reduced to 2mg L, in favor of vehicle emission control the system, but also reduce the potential harm to human health; the olefin content decreased from 28% to 24% per liter, can reduce sediment car engine intake system. After the implementation of the vehicle emissions will be significantly reduced, is expected to reduce annual emissions of nitrogen oxides in the car about 300 thousand tons, 5 tons of new cars can reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides about 90 thousand tons. Since January 1, 2017, all light gasoline vehicles and heavy-duty diesel vehicles (buses and buses, sanitation and postal services) manufactured, imported, sold and registered in the country must comply with the requirements of the country’s five standard. Since January 1, 2018, all light diesel vehicles manufactured, imported, sold and registered in the country must comply with the requirements of the country five standard. A week: Yibin Hotel pick slip female thermal field of Sichuan caught female celebrities charming girl Chengdu rent urban hard life to save money coed two slobber power dam filling amount equivalent to 6 real white Formica nest nightclub corrupt life No. 93 for 92 No. 97 for No. 95 to remind the industry, with the original No. 93 gasoline, plus 92 gasoline can be upgraded, the original plus 97 gasoline, plus 95 gasoline can be upgraded. Don’t bother to clean the oil tank, No. 93, No. 97 oil tank, can be directly mixed with No. 92 and No. 95 oil, the first secondary fuel after refueling, refueling four or five times, will be able to complete the natural transition. Fuel consumption is mainly related to driving habits, road conditions, vehicle conditions and other factors, changing the impact of gasoline on fuel consumption is negligible. Data show that after 97 oil replaced No. 95, fuel consumption increased by an average of 0.37%. There was no significant change in fuel consumption when the vehicle was switched to No. 92 gasoline with 93 gasoline. National five promotion time line in September 17, 2013, the Ministry of environmental protection issued "light vehicle pollutant emission limits and measurement methods (China fifth stage)". In December 18, 2013, AQSIQ and the National Standard Committee issued the mandatory national standard for gasoline for motor vehicles. On April 28, 2015, the ninetieth executive meeting of the State Council made a statement about.

明年起四川汽油升级93号可换92号 97号可换95号   四川在线消息(记者 李欣忆)记者11月4日从中国石油四川销售分公司获悉,四川地区将从2017年1月1日起全面升级到国五标准。届时,加油站将停止销售低于国五标准车用汽、柴油。93、97两个标号汽油将调整为92、95、98三个标号。目前,北京、上海、南京等城市及广东部分城市已经开始执行国五标准,成都也将在元旦后率先尝到国五油,部分区域还可能再提前。   实施后将大幅减少污染物排放量   与国四标准比,国五标准有“三降”:硫含量降低了80%,硫是车用汽油最关键的环保指标,造成酸雨的主要成分就是硫元素;锰含量指标限值降低为2mg L,有利于车辆排放控制系统,也可减轻对人体健康的潜在危害;烯烃含量从每升28%降低到24%,更能减少汽车发动机进气系统沉积物的产生。实施后将大幅减少车辆污染物排放量,预计在用车每年可减排氮氧化物约30万吨,新车5年累计可减排氮氧化物约9万吨。   自2017年1月1日起,全国所有制造、进口、销售和注册登记的轻型汽油车、重型柴油车(客车和公交、环卫、邮政用途),须符合国五标准要求。   自2018年1月1日起,全国所有制造、进口、销售和注册登记的轻型柴油车,须符合国五标准要求。   一周热图:   宜宾失足女宾馆接客被逮现场   四川女明星个个靓丽动人   成都群租女孩的都市艰辛生活 为省钱男女混住   两河口水电站大坝填筑总量相当于6个鸟巢   实拍夜店白富美的腐化生活   93号可换92号 97号可换95号   业内人士提醒,原来加93号汽油的,升级后加92号汽油即可,原来加97号汽油的,升级后加95号汽油即可。   不必特地清洗油箱,油箱里有93号、97号油,可以直接混加92号、95号油,第一次要耗油完毕再加油,加油四五次,就能完成自然过渡。   油耗主要还是与驾驶习惯、路况、车况等因素有关,改变汽油对油耗的影响微乎其微。数据显示97号油换成95号后,油耗平均上升0.37%。原使用93号汽油的车辆切换成92号汽油后,油耗无明显变化。   国五推广时间线   2013年9月17日,环保部发布《轻型汽车污染物排放限值及测量方法(中国第五阶段)》。   2013年12月18日,国家质检总局和国家标准委发布了《车用汽油》强制性国家标准。   2015年4月28日,国务院第90次常务会议作出关于加快成品油质量升级有关情况的决定。   2016年4月1日 开始,东部11省(北京市、天津市、河北省、辽宁省、上海市、江苏省、浙江省、福建省、山东省、广东省和海南省)全面实行汽车国五排放标准。   2017年1月1日起 在全国实施第五阶段国家机动车排放标准。相关的主题文章: