New graphic Citroen C3 Meng lovable appearance pork face

New graphic: Citroen C3 Meng look lovable Phoenix car · the design of the new graphic law models has been given two senses, one is normal to no; another is to offbeat you can’t accept it, it is difficult to have a let you feel eyes bright and love to no cars. For this idea, I think when you look at the show at the Paris auto show after the Citroen C3, will not think so! Because it looks really round too adorable, with Citroen’s new family front face, is estimated to be captured the hearts of many boys and girls! Citroen C3 uses its new family design, sleek and stylish appearance style. Split design headlamps are particularly different. The roof and rear mirror housing uses a uniform color. The new car also uses black surrounded by large, cross style is more rich, also in the side of the car door also uses Airbump technology, special TPU soft material can prevent the body slightly rub. The layout of the interior coordination and regular, in the central console, steering wheel and air conditioning outlet, etc. the use of rounded rectangle design, adding a lively atmosphere inside the car. The central control area uses a 7 Inch Touch screen, with audio and video entertainment, Bluetooth phone and navigation functions. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a camera is composed of a plurality of ConnectedCAM Citroen system, can be used as a tachograph and vehicle mounted camera, but also will record videos or photos uploaded to the social network. Power, Citroen C3 will provide 1.2T gasoline engine and 1.6T diesel engine, and matching manual and 6 speed automatic transmission. Summary: it is single personal and engaging appearance and can have a variety of body color collocation, no matter who will be interested in it. Although this is a small car, but the power is more abundant and good configuration, make it quite a small but Wuzangjuquan "style. I think everyone will have the same next and I doubt, what can be made when the car, do not know whether such a character is forbidden to see the car will set off a new wave of trend in China, we’ll see!相关的主题文章: