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4G users more and more, the speed drop fee is only one Sohu technology knife horse just bought China Mobile WiFi wireless, in the city of signal is excellent, no breakpoints, but outside the city’s main city, signal is intermittent, to know where the city is a provincial capital city, the city in fact it is not only in the suburbs, away from the mobile signal center far away a little bit, is also the scope of the main city of the district. 4G signal is searched at the moment, often show the signal is missing, and then off the network, but soon began to search, and connected, if it is only a mobile phone application, then perhaps this interval can tolerate. But if it is the use of computer access to the Internet, then it is very tangled, because the frequency is too high off the network, the wireless WiFi signal in the broken chain, you need to connect again, when the connection is often restricted. You know this is a China Mobile 4G signal, as everyone knows, in the 4G mobile network coverage is the best, but even so, there are still such flaws in the data signal, if in a remote area, do not know 4G coverage and signal will be, presumably not good to go. Recently, the Ministry of industry minister Miao Wei said, 4G users have reached 646 million, will continue to promote the speed reduction. Miao Wei said that by the end of July 2016, the total number of mobile phone users reached 1 billion 304 million. 3G, 4G users accounted for more than 60% cumulative. Among them, the total number of 4G users reached 646 million. Before the United Nations released data show that Chinese has become the largest global Internet users, will bring profound influence to the change and development of the economy, if in the mobile Internet market, especially the rapid iteration of 4G users, also shows that the development of network, more and more mobile Internet has become a main melody. Miao Wei also introduced, by the end of July 2016, the national telecom business volume grew 48.5%, telecom business revenue grew 5.2%. Meanwhile, the total number of fixed broadband subscribers reached 282 million, 8Mbps and above the total number of broadband subscribers exceeded 237 million, accounting for more than 84%. Online retail sales reached 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 28.2%. It is clear that the acquisition of these data is very beneficial to the development of the whole economy. In fact, we also know that the Internet as the representative of the new economic format is gradually formed, the emergence of a large number of new mode of innovation, to bring a new economic transformation attempt, this point is not only Internet plus, and here is the conversion + contains very rich. In fact, the relevant departments have been hoping that the Internet and traditional manufacturing industry, the real economy can form a linkage, the real integration together, so as to achieve the new business transformation. The growth of 4G users also shows that people on the mobile Internet development desire, coupled with the demands of the network itself changes, is a new development opportunities, we see whether O2O network about cars, red net, live video content and so on are popular in a new era of mobile Internet and try to. Ministry of industry and the Ministry of hope to push相关的主题文章: