Minister of housing China’s construction industry is still in the development of strategic opportuni puritans pride

Minister of housing: construction industry in China is still in the development period of strategic opportunities in the original title: China’s construction industry is still in the development period of strategic opportunities in October 31, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Wang Youling) Deputy Minister of the Ministry of housing Ni Hong said 31 days, China’s construction industry is still in the development and a period of strategic opportunities, to foster a new growth engine, to maintain the sustained and healthy development. Ni Hong in China construction industry association was founded 30 anniversary of the reform and development of the construction industry will exchange experiences that foster the construction of new growth momentum, we should vigorously develop the prefabricated construction, promote the upgrading of industrial structure adjustment; seize the PPP project for the construction industry to bring business opportunities; to vigorously push the general contract for design and construction; standardize industry management to create a unified and open market order. Vice president of China construction industry association and the Secretary General Wu Tao said that urbanization brings new public services and infrastructure construction PPP a new round of investment boom, will constitute the greatest potential for expanding domestic demand in China and new economic growth point. Construction industry plays an important role in the construction of new urbanization, will become the main force. China’s enterprises "going out" investment support efforts to gradually increase, will provide a broader space for the rise of China’s construction industry to open up overseas market and foreign engineering contracting business, bring good opportunities for development. Ni Hong said that the development of prefabricated building construction industry is conducive to saving resources and energy, reduce construction pollution, improve the labor productivity and the level of quality and safety, to promote the construction industry and the industrialization of deep integration, the development of new industries, Pei Yuxin energy. I hope that the majority of construction enterprises to accelerate the development and promotion of assembly building technology system, the formation of a number of key core technologies. Ni Hong said, with the deepening of PPP project and the related policy is becoming more perfect, the construction enterprises should actively participate in the PPP project, design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of a full range of services, improve the comprehensive management ability, expand the profit space, achieved by the "Contractor" to "service providers". Ministry of housing data show that the first half of 2016, the development of China’s construction industry showed a steady running posture. China’s construction industry totaled 7 trillion and 746 billion 180 million yuan, an increase of $7%, an increase of the total value of $1 trillion and 987 billion 780 million, an increase of 7.5%. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: