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Behind millet HUAWEI competition: mobile phone protective sleeve pin up to 1 billion years – the Sohu reported on September 26th with the Lei Jianping network technology Leidi Chinese intelligent mobile phone market has become increasingly saturated, millet, HUAWEI, apple and other mobile phone manufacturers in the Chinese market competition more and more intense, such as cola hand and other small mobile phone manufacturers have been eliminated, once the new hammer mobile phone it also exposed 1 years lost 460 million yuan, hard to survive. Intelligent mobile phone market has become the mobile phone giants, but behind the fierce competition of intelligent mobile phone sales, the first half of the market will reach 250 million, therefore, there is a group of entrepreneurs and the surrounding in the mobile phone market to start the business, and found opportunities. Shenzhen button Internet Co., Ltd. CEO Liu Liang is such an entrepreneur, he aimed at the direction of the phone is to protect the cover. Liu Liang chose the reason for this field is, he found that millet CEO Lei Jun, chairman of HUAWEI terminal Yu Chengdong released a flagship mobile phone, inevitably talked about three things: "how many times at the same time in the mobile phone to improve the performance, we much thinner, lighter and much" for the protection of mobile phone, mobile phone users will choose a protective sleeve, and the market on the mobile phone set are very thick, the original design from the designer’s mobile phone, mobile phone has not perfect touch to the people in the use of protective cover, unfortunately, mobile phone giants don’t pay much attention to this point. It is for "not good for small" acumen Shenzhen Internet Co to build a mobile phone button set a very thin, called buttons wrap mobile phone sets (002 sets of super thin mobile phone buttons) the thickness of only 0.23MM thickness, close to the A4 paper thickness, very good in mobile phone sales in. According to the sales data released by Jingdong, Jingdong in April 2016 to raise the public to sell mobile phone shell, buttoned up the mobile phone cover film Jingdong mobile phone sets to raise the national sales volume first, monthly sales exceeded 340 thousand. Currently, this phone has been included in the cash Jingdong proprietary products. According to the Jingdong insiders, a "YS" brand mobile phone accessories in 2015 the Jingdong will be on billion yuan in sales, plus some parts enterprises outside the single, annual turnover up to 1 billion yuan or more. Liu Liang believes that the "buttons" brand series of mobile phone sets from the rigid demand of consumer products, if multiple models of development, and the layout of the mainland and two overseas markets, a conservative estimate, in 2017 sales of 3 hundred million no problem. Once to the former apple CEO new project done outside design is actually doing mobile phone, mobile phone sets of buttons, Liu Liang will have his design company – Shenzhen galliver design company. In June 2015, apple CEO John · OBI intelligent mobile phone project; Scully is dominated by Internet Co CEO Liu Liang button design team completed. At that time, John · Scully and former Apple industrial design director intends to create a new brand of OBI in the world, mainly in the global market, and looking for partners make light of travelling a thousand li came to Shenzhen. After a layer of screening, from China’s most powerful mobile phone company ODM final election.相关的主题文章: