Microsoft surface keyboard and mouse surface studio experience the perfect partner nrf905

Microsoft Surface keyboard and mouse Surface Studio experience: the perfect partner last month, Microsoft has just released Surface Studio machine performance and all other guards, I believe many people are already ready to, but the first book have already been looted. Fortunately, with the Studio Suface keyboard and mouse has been listed in the country, can not buy Studio at least you can buy a keyboard and mouse with its experience. Sina digital has now got this product, the following will be a few days to share the feelings of experience. Surface keyboard and mouse through Bluetooth connectivity, support for smart Bluetooth technology 4 4.1, able to connect X, including Windows, Mac OS V10 and Android 5, including desktop devices and mobile devices. At present, this product has been officially launched in China Microsoft mall Microsoft flagship store in China and Tmall, which Surface keyboard price of 788 yuan, Surface mouse price of $388. Keyboard: cancel the keyboard will be more beautiful in appearance, the two products are a continuation of the Surface product family design consistent while using gray color, with SurfaceBook has different approaches but equally satisfactory results, a look up is the typical Microsoft style, with the Surface product collocation is very unified style when in use. Keyboard reference Microsoft’s Designer Bluetooth keyboard design and structure, and in the material and process of a full range of upgrades. 104 key keyboard for Aluminum Alloy body material, light enough is strong enough, it is very obvious in the early hands-on experience, in his hand almost feel what struck in weight, but the feeling is very strong. The keycap is used in soft plastic material, moderate size, friction is not large, the key process is similar to the ordinary keyboard, large ESC and ENTER bond is very easy to use. Small keyboard area integrated small keyboard on the right side of the keyboard, compact design and Designer Bluetooth keyboard criticized the different between Surface numeric keypad and keyboard left enough space, will not have a sense of uneasiness. The disk is still using the 104 key arrangement, but also provides multimedia shortcuts, and Win10 can be combined very well, such as above in the digital small keyboard integrated with a calculator and a key to exhale the operations center button is very intimate, it also reflects Microsoft’s advantage in detail design. However, such a small keyboard set up a small keyboard will inevitably sacrifice portability, comprehensive consideration, personally feel that the abolition of the keyboard design will be more reasonable. The keyboard back also simple, except at the bottom of an Microsoft logo no more design, a cylinder is used instead of a scaffold, but can not adjust the keyboard angle, but the actual experience, this is a basic point of view is enough to meet the daily habits. The battery cover adopts magnetic design Surface keyboard with 2 A相关的主题文章: