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Recall car Tibet road – tourism Sohu Sichuan Tibet line full (State Road 318) into the Qinghai Tibet line, Tibet is almost self driving a line the most classical tour. This road has beautiful scenery, there are dangerous road, bad roads need to test the skill and courage, but the dangerous degree of the road condition compared to other Tibet line but also better. Especially the 318 Tibet this period, which is the Chinese landscape Avenue, after years of renovation, 318 of the road has been better than before a lot, also opened a number of tunnels, but the opening of the tunnel is easy to drive, but also caused a lot of beauty can no longer enjoy, such as Tangmai natural barrier, such as the visual impact in the clip pull mountain pass overlooking the Litang County and hair Shuibuya prairie, and it will soon disappear, such as when the Gaoersi tunnel opened, it will not be able to enjoy the Gaoersi Mountain King of Shushan – Gongga mountain scenery, so while not old age, while the body is still good. Go to Tibet! You will find that this will make you full of memories to Tibet, will let the human dream. Zheduoshan, is to enter the gateway to Tibet, start from here will officially enter the Tibetan areas, also came to the Gao Haiba area. Here, I feel the sky is very blue, and I am very close to the sun, the sun is very, very dazzling. Enter the Tibet area after the first stop is xinduqiao. Here is not a scenic spot, but there are more beautiful than the scenic beauty, where four a year, different scenery, where a day can have a variety of changes in light and shadow, so called photography lovers paradise. Xinduqiao autumn. Can leave the 318 line in Xinduqiao Tagong north of here, enjoy the beauty of. "The snow capped mountains, green grass, beautiful temple", singing is the scene. The autumn Kamiyama Yala and Lama temple. If you are interested in can continue north to eight beautiful town, in the beautiful autumn enjoy eight pass. 318 back to the west, began to climb the mountain. But in recent years, the repair of the 318 State Road has been gradually completed, which means less and less rotten Road, but a lot of beauty can not see. For example, the clip pull mountain tunnel has been through, to appreciate in the clip pull mountain pass Litang County and overlooking the hair Shuibuya prairie the visual impact of the beauty. To choose not to Litang south again to temporarily leave the Sichuan Tibet line, about half a day to reach the Daocheng Aden scenic area. Aden famous scenic spots in the three mountain, are Xian nairi, maiyong and Siano Dorji, this is the three seat mountain snow, finished shaped arrangement. First you meet is Xian nairi, Tibetan language is Avalokitesvara, she is like a statue of Buddha superior, cheerful, generous. With the maiyong Kamiyama The path winds along mountain ridges., gradually unraveling, the Tibetan language means Manjusri, like a long haired girl is implicit elegant. This is veiled with beauty. One day, the change of light and very pretty and charming. The Tibetan language means large Vajrapani Siano Dorji has been hiding behind the mountain another mountain, the glacier is the most mysterious slightly blue..相关的主题文章: