Man was forced to stop and tear his brakes came to be wounded (video)

Man was forced to stop and tear his brakes came to be wounded when driving or not when the "Lu Nu" as well. A man forced to stop the emergency brake, and tear occurs the road opposite the driver, his father rushed to the wounded driver. Recently, Hantai District Court of intentional assault sentenced the defendant Liu imprisonment for 9 months, probation for one year. September 20, 2015 20 am, the victim Lin driving a truck in the Hantai district town intersection turn, to drive Liu Lin think that when turning not turn on the lights, led to his driving van Jicha, so follow Lin to the factory with the theory, the two quarrel and tear. The defendant then rushed to Liu (Liu’s father) seeing that punched the victim Wang Lin chest, see Lin was playing that nephew came to stop, and the defendant Liu Mouji tear occurs, the defendant Liu Wang fell to the ground and kicked Wang hit the left chest, after opened by the masses. When tussle public alarm, the defendant in court questioned Liu summoned after head interface. Lin and Wang’s injury identified by the Hantai Municipal Public Security Bureau of justice identification center, Wang left chest injury caused by blunt external force, is a minor injury level. Lin left chest injury caused by blunt external force, a minor injury two. The defendant Liu after the arrest, the victim Wang Lin, 56000 yuan compensation 20000 yuan, two victims issued a written memorandum of understanding expressed understanding. Hantai District Court held that the defendant Liu because of a trivial dispute with others then tussle, killing two victims of minor consequences, their behavior violated the "criminal law" 234Th article of the regulations, constitute the crime of intentional injury. The defendant Liu summoned after active head interface appearing in court and the facts truthfully confessed the crime, is a surrender, be given a lighter punishment according to law; justice, to actively compensate the victims of economic losses and get the understanding of victims, the discretion of punishment. Then made the above decision. The judge asked: driving on the road, should be adjusted to control the emotions, regulate the psychological pressure, little trouble, small friction, not sentimental, avoid conflicts, endanger traffic safety, road rage "harm to others and the cost is very high, causing serious consequences, will be subject to legal sanctions. (the parties are a pseudonym) (even Jing Wong) Note: video only to expand reading. The owners of parking by sanitation station door will be surrounded by garbage removal workers相关的主题文章: