Malaysia prime minister denied high-speed order China called default expect Japanese bid plustek

Malaysia prime minister denied high-speed order China said expect Japan to bid an original title: Japanese media: Malaysia’s prime minister has denied the high-speed order designated for the China observer network] new high-speed rail international bid is approaching, China and Japan launched a diplomatic offensive, for the economic and strategic value of infrastructure projects. This is undoubtedly a prime minister of Malaysia Naguib wait for the right price to sell the condition. Naguib recently in an interview with Japanese media said, looking forward to Japan to participate in the "new high-speed rail tender," denied "have orders designated for the Chinese"". Naguib: a new high-speed rail "not designated for the China" prime minister Naguib of Malaysia (source: Xinhua) according to Japan’s economic news reported in November 15th, Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib’s visit to Japan before the interview said, "the safety of the Shinkansen is remarkable, looking forward to the Japanese enterprises to participate in the new high-speed rail project bidding. Naguib will visit Japan on 15-17, when it will hold talks with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, the land transport phase of the, as well as the Japanese economy. He said on the high speed rail between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, which aims to open in 2026, "will be determined through fair and transparent competitive bidding". According to Kyodo News reported on November 14th Singapore, as a response to China’s maritime activities to strengthen the country around the South China Sea, one of the measures, the Japanese government has decided to provide 2 large patrol boats to Malaysia. Andouble is expected to announce the decision at the talks. In addition, Japan is also trying to be held next year to join the Malaysia and Singapore high-speed rail plans to win the international competition, which is expected to become the two sides of the issue. Naguib denied in the local spread "has been designated for the China order", that "the Japanese Shinkansen has safety and reliability, in the tender should have very high competitiveness". Earlier, sponsored by the government of Malaysia Public Transportation Exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur in October 17th, and strive to China, Japan and South Korea and Singapore to win between the country’s high-speed rail project to promote their own technology respectively. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said he is willing to work together with ASEAN countries to build the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century, opening up a new prospect for China and ASEAN common development and prosperity. China has signed a high-speed rail cooperation agreement, the old railway is stepping forward. We are also willing to actively participate in the new high-speed rail in the bidding. Malaysia Prime Minister will sign a new high-speed rail "agreement according to reported in November 14th, Singapore’s prime minister Li Xianlong will be 5 next month with Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib held an informal summit between the two countries, which is expected to sign a new high-speed rail bilateral agreement. According to Malaysia media recently reported that the two countries will sign a bilateral agreement on a new high-speed rail news, Singapore Ministry of transportation spokesman confirmed: "Singapore and Malaysia are trying to move in December 5th at the leaders’ summit, signed a new high-speed rail bilateral agreement." Singapore and Malaysia signed in July this year, a new high-speed rail memorandum of understanding, to reach a consensus on the high-speed rail project technology, financing, operation and other details of the regulatory framework. Jun Jun next month相关的主题文章: