Long high-speed truck on fire fire 16 minutes to put out the fire (video) mentalist

A long line of high-speed vehicles on fire fire 16 minutes to extinguish the fire (original title: 16 minutes to extinguish the fire truck Takahashi squadron) on the eve of yesterday morning, Zhuzhou speed on a truck on fire, the fire brigade Yuhua District Takahashi squadron after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene. 23:34, the fire brigade arrived at the scene and found a license plate number Xiang A7518 Trailer right rear tire with fire, the fire is in a violent burning stage, at any time may spread to the vehicle, the situation is very critical. Combat Command commander immediately issued, laying gun positions, a gun from the rear of the car from the front of a water fire, fire-fighting water, to prevent the spread of fire. In the gun fire, the fire was quickly brought under control, the fire was extinguished at 23:50. In order to prevent the resurgence, fire fighters continue to cool the still smoldering part. After nearly 1 hours of fighting fire officers and men, the fire was completely extinguished at 0:20 yesterday morning. Currently, the cause of the fire is under further investigation. (Changsha evening news reporter correspondent Liu Jun Feng Bo photo coverage) video recommendation: (video and content not only for further reading) shot a large truck high-speed train "cup cup"相关的主题文章: