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Liu Zhenyun "one top ten thousand" landing screen   Liu Yulin’s daughter – the media – original title: Liu Zhenyun is director of the relationship with her daughter Liu Yulin’s "one top ten thousand" from the "mobile phone" to "I am not Pan Jinlian", make a movie of her novel, for Liu Zhenyun is hundreds of times. However, the difference between the top ten thousand sentences is that the film director is Liu Zhenyun’s daughter, Liu Yulin. Liu Zhenyun said in an interview with the Beijing morning news reporter, he is not working with his daughter, but in cooperation with a director, the director just to meet his requirements. The movie: "Pan Jinlian" companion this year is the works of Liu Zhenyun film of the year of the outbreak, there will be "I am not Pan Jinlian", "a top ten thousand words of" two works have the movie on the big screen. The former by Liu Zhenyun’s old partner, directed by Feng Xiaogang, scheduled for release in September 30th; the latter was directed by the daughter of the president of the United States, yesterday, announced a fixed file in November 11th, on the date of the year in. Liu Zhenyun admitted that the two novel was adapted into a film released in the same year, is a coincidence. Liu Zhenyun said, "one top ten thousand" and "I am not Pan Jinlian" is a companion, two works have the same meaning and spirit. "These two works, one is said to find someone else to say it (" one top ten thousand "), is that a correct sentence is (" I am not Pan Jinlian "). The two works of the heroine have been unfair treatment, tolerance and can not bear the choice is very critical." Liu Zhenyun said, speaking from the novel "I am not Pan Jinlian" published before, many years ago, Feng Xiaogang had put it into a movie, just because of various reasons the implementation. Liu Yulin directed the "top ten thousand sentences" is in preparation for the beginning of last year, and just "I’m not Pan Jinlian," then you can shoot. Father and daughter: only the identity of the work of the past Liu Zhenyun’s novel adapted into a film, most of the cooperative object is Feng Xiaogang. The "top ten thousand sentences" adapted into the film, Liu Zhenyun is still the Secretary screenwriter, but the director became a daughter of Liu Yulin. Liu Yulin graduated from the New York University film school graduate school, once with short film "door god" has won several international awards. "A top ten thousand sentence" film cooperation, Liu Zhenyun and the father and daughter of the relationship between the father and daughter, but also the relationship between the screenwriter and director, how to reconcile the relationship between the two? Liu Yulin said: cooperation with Liu is a particularly difficult thing, he is very serious. No matter who comes to his work, Liu will ask two questions: why do you want to do this? Why did you choose my work? The answer must be satisfied." Liu Yulin says that the outside may look at the text, thought Liu Zhenyun is a gentle and humorous person, actually in his life especially be scanty of words but "if you do, the things not to do, he will be angry". Liu Yulin could not help feeling: "Liu is extraordinary, his works are extraordinary. However, and Liu teacher cooperation, tolerance still can not bear, is a big problem. I can’t bear to, I am far away from the extraordinary work; I have to endure, I am extraordinary相关的主题文章: