Let the children try this recipe can be liberal and dignified in the presence of strangers exit safe mode

Let the children try this recipe can be liberal and dignified in the presence of strangers (Health times in Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center special correspondent Lin Huifang) some of the children at home is very liberal and dignified, chatter. But when you go out, or you meet the guests, you become shy and introverted. Sticking to my parents, I don’t like to call people. In fact, for the shy baby, don’t give him too much pressure, in order to let the children can be liberal and dignified in front of strangers, try this recipe. To understand the personality pressure in fact, each type of children’s temperament is not the same, some babies can "Zilai Shu", some will be relatively slow, he’ll use his small eyes to know the world and the people around him, this is a way of learning. So, parents don’t feel pressure, regardless of the child actually let the children to express themselves in front of others, but will make him more afraid, parents need to provide a safe and stable social environment, to give him time to buffer, when he felt the situation, will be very willing to express themselves. Out of the closed "small world", parents should pay attention to cultivate children more contact with people, such as home guests, you can let the children come out together with guests, usually take children out of the string of doors, more with other age children play, gradually expand social circle. Some parents will encourage more than the label of the guest said: "this is the child in front of strangers, quite shy." On the surface, is to give children saved, is actually a hint to the child negative, let him more love to speak in front of strangers, so must give the child "labeling", parents should encourage, let him brave to greet people, as long as he is in the presence of strangers have behaved slightly some progress, to be timely recognition, to enhance his self-confidence. Lead tree example: parents are children learning model, in fact, the child’s style will be affected by their parents, so that parents need to set a good example for the children’s social, people doing things to children in the sense of liberal and dignified, and slowly will be affected by the parents of this positive, but more generous. Interviewed expert: Zhu Dongsheng, chief physician of Department of child health, Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center

让孩子在生人面前也能落落大方 试试这几招(健康时报驻广东省妇幼保健院特约记者 林惠芳)有的孩子在家时落落大方,非常话唠。但是一出门,或是见了客人后,就变得害羞内向。黏在父母身上,不爱叫人。其实,对于害羞的宝宝,千万别给他太大压力,为了让孩子在生人面前也能落落大方,试试这几招。了解个性不加压其实,每个孩子的气质类型是不太一样的,有些宝宝能“自来熟”,有些则会相对慢热,他会先用自己的小眼睛去认识这个世界及周围的人,这是他的一种学习方式。所以,家长不要急于施压,不顾孩子感受硬是让孩子在他人面前表现自己,反而会让他更加害怕,父母要提供一个安全、稳定的社交环境,给他时间来缓冲,当他感觉这种场合安全时,就会很乐意地表现自己了。走出封闭“小天地”父母要注意培养孩子多跟人接触,比如家里来客人时,可以让孩子出来一起招待客人,平时多带孩子出去串串门,多跟其他同龄的孩子玩耍,逐渐扩大社交圈子。多鼓励少标签有些家长会当着客人的面说:“这孩子在生人面前就是这样,比较怕羞。”表面上是给孩子解围了,实际上是给了孩子消极的暗示,让他更加不喜欢在生人面前说话了,所以要切忌给孩子“贴标签”,父母要多鼓励,让他勇敢地跟人打招呼,只要他在生人面前表现得稍微有一些进步了,都要及时表扬,以增强他的自信心。以身作则树榜样:家长是孩子学习的榜样,其实,孩子的处事风格都会受到父母的影响,所以,父母需要为孩子树立一个良好社交的榜样,为人处事要落落大方,孩子在耳濡目染中慢慢就会受到父母这种积极的影响,变得大方出众了。受访专家:朱冬生,广东省妇幼保健院儿童保健科主任医师相关的主题文章: