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Large and suspicious transactions management rules will be out of the third party payment agencies for the first time after each intern reporter Zhang Shoulin into the third party payment institutions will be formally incorporated into the "financial institutions large and suspicious transactions reporting procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") the main scope of responsibility. The "daily economic news" reporter yesterday (November 8th) from close to the central bank anti money laundering Bureau official department learned that the new version of the "measures" will soon be formally introduced, the concern is that compared with the existing provisions of the new "measures" will be included in the scope of third party payment institutions. It is understood that the approach is still in the stage of comments, but some of the content has been exposed. In the standard report of large transactions, the amount of the starting point from the current single day or cumulative transaction 200 thousand yuan down to $50 thousand. Close to the central bank’s anti money laundering Bureau, told the daily economic news reporter, said that this is only the views of the version, in the end how it is still uncertain. However, there are financial institutions who believe that reducing the standard starting point of the report is necessary. The new version of the "measures" for the third party payment institutions "final work procedures, no accident words should be very fast (Introduction), close above the central bank anti money laundering bureau sources, has been to the major institutions were consulted, this program is a must. It is understood that a number of agencies have made a lot of technical advice, the way to develop the process of these opinions as much as possible to absorb, and facilitate their operation. As for the final provisions of the approach, has not been determined, the president has not signed." Reporters learned that the approach will be formally non bank payment institutions into the scope of application. Although both the "measures" does not involve non bank payment institutions, but more than third party payment agencies who told the "daily economic news" reporter said, in fact, the third party payment agencies have been engaged in money laundering. CICC paid an insider told reporters that the agency has a set of anti money laundering and anti fraud system, has been running for a long time, before I entered the company, the company is doing the work." It is worth noting that Alipay is made in 2011 third party payment license, before it has begun the implementation of anti money laundering. Reporters from the Alipay person responsible for the payment of the security department learned that as early as 2010, the agency set up anti money laundering team, "the team has nearly 100". In the operation of anti money laundering, Alipay account transaction data stored in the full amount of ladder 2, ladder 2 is a massive data storage by computing cluster of more than 1 thousand and 600 machines. The anti money laundering data platform is set up in the ladder 2, including the deployment of anti money laundering rules and model, to generate the suspicious data. Reporters learned that this platform has been sent to the central bank’s anti money laundering Department of a number of batches of suspicious reports, more typical is a case of the sale of contraband drugs have been detected through the Internet behavior. Above the central bank’s anti money laundering bureau also said that non bank payment agencies involved in anti money laundering has been clear, but this time in the approach to be unified when updated. For non bank payment institutions included in the scope of the main body of anti money laundering, a large state-owned commercial bank.相关的主题文章: