Lanzhou Gansu section of high-speed rail passenger to break 4G into the era of lost problem (Figure) 3u8813

Lanzhou Gansu section of high-speed rail passenger to break 4G into the era of "lost" problem (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 2 Lanzhou Xinhua (Shi Jingjing Zhao Yaqi) "before the new high-speed LAN, basically with the outside world ‘lost’, even if there is a signal to the Internet, just look at mobile phone screen the ‘circle’, now, can brush circle of friends on the rail, send photos." Ma Tingbin said, can call, can access the Internet, I believe the journey will be more colorful". Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron from LanZhou West Railway Station, Qinghai province Xining, Gansu province Zhangye, Jiuquan, Jiayuguan, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Hami, Turpan, the Urumchi Railway Station, line across Xinjiang, Gansu and Qinghai provinces. 2014 officially opened to traffic, sent 11453 passengers daily. In order to solve the tourists lost contact, mobile phone circle "and" predicament ", in March this year, Gansu Mobile launched in the high iron 4G+ network construction work, investment of 150 million, with only 6 months to build 597 high-speed railway network base station, 4G+ network implementation of Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron Gansu within 799 km of coverage. It is understood that in technology, high-speed mobile signal coverage is a worldwide problem, the high-speed railway environment and traditional network coverage compared to the environment, has the characteristics of quick speed, the penetration loss, frequent switching etc.. In the terrain, Lanzhou passenger after second-line landform is complex, including Gobi, grassland, farmland, rivers, wetlands, including bridges, tunnels, frozen soil, saline soil and other adverse geological accounted for 80% of all, in many places even the communication base station basic power supply can not be guaranteed, wireless 4G signal construction to ensure the construction work is extremely difficult. The total investment of one kilometer of construction investment is higher than other regions. Gansu mobile construction director Duan Huidong said, "Gansu mobile power The Belt and Road", "Silk Road Information corridor construction, the use of high voltage DC supply is far along in the 0:00-4:00 base station power supply; construction approval within the window period every day; find the owners to carry out coordination in Gobi no human habitation in hypoxia; continuous operation the environment, completed the integration of high iron and TD-LTE two independent intellectual property rights, so that high-speed network and high-speed trains running together, by telephone and Internet communications passengers and along the needs of the user’s solution. In the field experience, the reporter with the mobile 4G+ mobile phone news, listen to music, watch HD video, on-demand smooth, clear picture. 4G speed test site shows that the downlink rate of 30M. The new high-speed LAN (Gansu section) along the 4G good coverage rate reached 99.8%, the average download speeds of up to 21Mbps, on the train on the voice call rate of 99.8% or more, by means of optimization can ensure high iron Internet customers and the surrounding customers still do not interfere with each other, mutual isolation. (end)相关的主题文章: