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The director general of UNESCO Qatar candidate Kuvari: terrorism is threatening the human heritage of the people’s network card tal Amir cultural consultant, UNESCO Director General Card Party candidate Hamad? The? Abdelaziz? Walid Library in North Beijing in October 14 speech people.com.cn Xinhua (reporter Ceng Shurou) yesterday morning, Qatar Amir cultural consultant, UNESCO director General Card Party candidate Hamad? This? Abdelaziz? That library Walid accept people.com.cn reporters in Beijing, terrorism is threatening human heritage, undermining the common belief of mankind, as a legal guardian of world heritage, UNESCO will take more measures to protect human material and non-material cultural heritage. Kuvari held a keynote speech at the Peking University in the morning, called "China, Arabia and civilizations dialogue". He proposed in his speech, terrorism is destroying the great heritage of mankind, the terrorist attack on many witnessed the history of dialogue and interaction of multi culture landmarks and cultural sites, and is trying to seek common ground between friendly exchanges significance and national erase "tolerance". He pointed out that the cultural integration of human beings from its rich diversity rather than consistency, derived from tolerance rather than enlightened and extreme. He called for the establishment of an international cultural day against terrorism, so that a variety of human culture to unite against the extreme, to maintain peace. In March this year, Kuvari was officially elected as a candidate for the election of Qatar, to participate in the election of the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization director general. The UNESCO director general Irina Bokova? The term will end on November 2017. In his speech, Kuvari highly appreciated the important role played by China in the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization, especially in the process of expanding dialogue among civilizations and achieving world peace and stability. In his view, whether it is the social structure of China or its relations with the Arabia countries, that China is a perfect example of cultural diversity and cultural integration. With the famous Traveler Wang Dayuan and Kuvari Ibn Battuta? For example, reviews the ancient Chinese and Arabs in Promoting Sino foreign cultural exchanges, accelerate the integration of the cultural history of excellence and achievement, said Ibn? White figure Wang Dayuan has painted the Taihe civilization dialogue roadmap, Arab people should inherit this precious heritage and, to carry forward, to join the common development of human civilization. Kuvari’s speech by the Chinese Ministry of culture, Peking University, is one of China’s 2016 year series of activities in qatar. The Department of vice president Fu Zhiming, Peking University director Lin Fengmin, Qatar Arabic Ambassador Sultan, College of foreign languages Peking University? Mansouri, Jordan, Saudi ambassador Yahya? Kalalai ambassador Triki? Marty, Ambassador of Bahrain and Earl Anwar? Abdullah and other dozens of foreign envoys, representatives of Chinese and foreign media representatives, student representatives attended the lecture. (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: