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JLR also joined the "new" sports cars? 4S accelerated 500km electric SUV I-PACE life – Sohu released technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark SUV electric car "traditional old car factory is too slow. This is what I often hear a word, but the car five or six years of research and development cycle in the Internet era does seem a bit long. However, the engine gearbox decades of technical barriers to cars seems difficult, the rise of electric vehicles makes many start-up companies see opportunity, the "new era" cars came. Of course, in the wave of Tesla cars began to lead the new company, the traditional old car factory also began to force, BMW has released the I series of electric vehicles, and Benz recently issued a pure electric car brand "EQ", Audi is also relying on the hybrid e-tron culture technology, plans to launch three models of pure electric vehicles in 2020. 2016 on the eve of the Losangeles auto show, Jaguar Land Rover has nearly 100 years of this "British style" high-end British car manufacturer finally mood.according, joined the electric vehicle manufacturing team, they released its first SUV electric vehicle — Jaguar I-PACE, the first to break a "double" range anxiety: the motor and the 90 kWh lithium batteries, can meet the needs of more than 354 kilometers (US EPA cycling test) or 500 km (European NEDC cycle test) mileage requirements. Jaguar I-PACE through 50 kW DC charging equipment for fast charging, about 2 hours full. This is 542 km from the Tesla Model and Model S of the (NEDC European fuel consumption and emission assessment criteria) mileage has been close (official data, I know that P100D may be a little better) (X). But it has been far more than 345 km Modle of life, of course, the price is another factor to consider the. However, this data has been very conscience, now there are manufacturers still playing is lower than the NEDC standard uniform driving mileage, so please pay attention to deceive consumers, the use of standard mileage. At the same time, Jaguar I-PACE uses a dual motor combination, can output 400 horsepower and a power of 700 cattle · m torque – torque level and the Jaguar supercar F-TYPE SVR the same. Ian, director of ·, the Jaguar vehicle product line, said: "high efficiency motors can provide no lag, no shift, no interruptions in the immediate response. Compared with the internal combustion engine, the torque output of the motor to subvert the traditional driving control experience, with 700 cattle · m power and the advantages of all wheel drive, I-PACE acceleration from static to just need to take 4 seconds. New design platform相关的主题文章: