Jinhua express company for double eleven SF prepared 34 aircraft jslottery

Jinhua express company for "double eleven" SF prepared 34 aircraft from the shopping Carnival "double eleven" and twenty days, Jinhua courier companies have been in a state of readiness. According to the State Post Bureau is expected this year, the national courier industry will have 2 million 680 thousand front-line personnel into "double 11" express service, more than last year more than 50%, among them, the vehicle trunk airline capacity growth of 59%, growth of around 40%. Loading… Almost can say, this is a person, car, plane competition. SF Jinhua branch responsible person, at present, SF airlines have an ample supply of 34 freighters, is currently the largest number of operations all cargo freight airline, especially in September this year, SF opened Hangzhou to Lanzhou, Urumqi and other routes, the comprehensive transportation system in the air and greatly optimize the combination. In addition, the cold chain logistics SF building intelligent, buy seafood, fruits fresh food for everyone to provide professional services. The EMS side said that this year, double eleven not only more than ten thousand people before the people, the route will increase accordingly. Already in the Jinyi urban district rookie network layout plans, through the rookie post, from mentioning cabinets and other way of diversion pressure, even the Crowdsourcing service will also debut this year. Courier APP applications, large data analysis, intelligent distribution, at present, many courier companies in accordance with its accumulated customer resources and large data operations, has been able to do in advance stocking. As a simple example, for example, the prediction of computer network system in Jinhua area, a paper towel sold every year, is expected this year is no exception, even the amount will increase, so in advance according to the product warehouse in Jinhua ample supply in the future so that once you double eleven day orders, the goods can be sent to you soon that not only increases the friendly customer experience, but also reduce the cost of enterprises.相关的主题文章: