Jiangxi, a veterinary station owners suspected of being unable to bear the burden of leadership to s winavi

Jiangxi, a veterinary station suspected because of unbearable abuse leading Dutch act – Sohu in Jiangxi to suppress news network politics platform "the politics of Jiangxi issued the" Chongren County Li Po Zhen relevant person in charge of breach of privilege deduction fee to employees to suppress the insult of death "complaint post, November 1st, Chongren County Public Security Bureau staff told surging news (confirmed) the Department of Chongren County, Li Po Town Veterinary Station Wang Xiaoping, the police are currently investigating the incident" hanged himself. ". Chongren County Li Po town government staff said, why the cantilever, the current town government in the investigation. In October 31st, "the politics of Jiangxi to report complaints of plate Posts show that the family of the deceased Wu, 56 year old Wang Xiaoping Department of Chongren County Li Po Town Veterinary Station of appointment of cadres, but also the veterinary station; general Township in Chongren County in 2016 after the new session of Li Po Zhen relevant responsible person will be Wang Xiaoping for personnel management of Township, provide basic living wage, the countryside fees and other welfare benefits have been withheld. Ms. Wu said, her husband Wang Xiaoping sidelined by the new leader, was repeatedly cursed and insulted Wang Xiaoping, depressed, nervous, in October 26th, the Li Po Street home cantilever Dutch act died. Surging news repeatedly call the online registration of Li Po Town animal husbandry and veterinary station contact Wang Xiaoping mobile phone number, you can get through but still no answer. For the dead wife in charge posts in the statement, surging news to Li Po Zhen government repeated confirmation, the staff did not give a positive response, said the town government is currently investigating. Chongren County Public Security Bureau of the staff, Li Po Zhen veterinary station Wang Xiaoping "hanged himself" a police is under investigation, the current investigation temporarily convenient to the outside world, in the future or will be based on the progress of the investigation in the form of notice to announce.相关的主题文章: