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Jia Zhangke MK2 of France plans to shoot VR feature Sina entertainment news in September 12th, the famous French film company MK2 by Agence France-Presse, "variety", "international screen" and other international media announced that its director Jia Zhangke and Chinese [micro-blog] is located in the Shanghai film company warm culture signed a partnership agreement. In the future, the two sides will cooperate in the field of film production, film distribution, cinema and VR. The news was released by MK2 during the Toronto Film Festival, causing great concern in the film industry and the media. "Variety" magazine (Variety) reporting on MK2 and current cultural cooperation according to Agence France-Presse, and MK2 will jointly develop, produce warm cultural projects, and the best Asian film promotion, issued to the global market, including the current industry hot VR film. Jia Zhangke recently said it plans to shoot their own VR feature film next year. In addition, MK2 will also support the current culture experience center building VR in China, seed and work together to create a Chinese in theater, to promote the development of Jia Zhangke "". The "seed cinema" is Jia Zhangke’s Art Theater in the name English named Open Village, inspired by the concept of art film potuerchu. "With Jia Zhangke, is a natural thing. Many years ago, when MK2 began to make international distribution for the works of Jia Dao, our relationship was established." MK2 CEO Na tannay Karimi (Nathana? L Karmitz) said, "we are very pleased to continue cooperation with Mr. Jia Zhangke, and let the cooperation for a more substantial upgrade on the basis of the original. We will actively participate in the development of Chinese film, but also the world’s best film into china." Previously, MK2 Jia Zhangke responsible for the "twenty-four city", "heaven" and other films released overseas, is "old" mountains and rivers of France produced. Director Jia Zhangke "from the beginning of 2008, the" twenty-four cities ", and I MK2 close cooperation for eight years. Now, my own company and warm culture, MK2 will be more comprehensive cooperation, from the movie to the cinema construction." In a brief statement, Jia Zhangke said. Referring to this cooperation, he also said, I believe that the professionalism of MK2 can help us to further enhance the quality of the film and cinema". "We also hope that China’s huge population can share the most creative film in the world today." Jia Zhangke said, "this is an exciting plan for me. In China, it will not only have the cooperation with Hollywood, but also have more cooperation with MK2, so as to ensure the diversity of the ancient culture." MK2, a French film company, has been involved in the production, sale and distribution of up to more than and 600 films, and has more than 40 years of experience in operating theaters. Currently, MK2 operates a number of theaters in europe. Has been committed to the innovative mode of operation of the cinema. Founded in May 2015, the current culture is a set of commercial film development, investment, production)相关的主题文章: