In September the steel industry fell to PMI below the line ups and downs steel city busy season

In September the steel industry fell to PMI below the line ups and downs steel city busy season Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! According to the index report IOT steel logistics Specialized Committee released on the 1 September, the domestic steel industry PMI index was 49.5%, up 0.6 percentage points lower after 2 consecutive months of decline, once again fell to 50% below the line ups and downs. According to the analysis, the main index, the production index fell slightly, 3 consecutive months in the expansion zone; the new orders index and new export orders index fell to shrink the interval; finished stock index return to expansionary territory; the purchase price index highs, but continued for 7 months in the expansion zone. The data shows that the current production of iron and steel enterprises is still high, but the domestic orders and export orders declined, the iron and steel enterprise inventory backlog, rising costs eroded industry profits, the steel market as a whole busy season". It is worth noting that the steel production is still active, but the next step is less than the power of production. Previously, due to 7 to August, the domestic steel prices rose sharply, steel mills profitable, the pace of production began to accelerate, significantly reduced production. However, with the recent domestic steel prices tumbled, coupled with the raw material market by a strong rise in coal prices driven, production costs rise, steel profits narrowed sharply, increasing output of raw material stocking reduce enthusiasm. Next, the domestic steel production, maintenance efforts may increase. From the steel raw material market trend in September, showing an overall pattern before or after the rise, but the rebound is relatively weak. From the specific market price, in September the raw material market in addition to coking coal, coke prices rose sharply, the prices of the other varieties showed a trend of decline in the month. Among them, the grade 62% imported iron ore index is currently $55.9 per ton, month on month decline of $3.1. At the same time, increasing imports of iron ore supply, since the end of June this year, the main port of the total iron ore stocks continued to remain at 1 tons, although a slight decline in August, but in September began to pick up again, is at its highest level since mid August. The correlation index analysis report, during the National Day holiday, the domestic steel production is still basically normal, and the terminal demand close to stagnation, after the inventory pressure will be further highlighted, the steel city will remain weak pattern. However, due to the recent decline in the price of steel superimposed strong cost, steel profits are shrinking, coupled with the capacity to continue to force policy, the next step in the domestic crude steel production will decline. At the same time, in promoting macroeconomic gradually stabilized and other factors, the demand for steel has a certain growth space. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: