In order to get people’s sense of wide pine does not regret the Sohu news

In order to get people’s sense of wide pine does not regret the Sohu news comprehensive deepening reform the central leading group (hereinafter referred to as the "deep reorganization") in September 24, 2016 to set up only 1000 days, has held 27 meetings and deliberated 162 documents. Leader Xi Jinping as general secretary of the ruling party and the largest developing countries the largest attendance attendance, and chairman, presided over the great efforts and achievements, high rate of abundance, it is rare. Xi Jinping led the deep restructuring of the members busy with state affairs, my end is no regrets, who is hardship sweet? There is only one answer: to make the people feel more secure! Always regard the people’s well-being as the goal and the standard of comprehensive deepening reform. In the heart of the group leader Xi Jinping, the reform should always take the people as the center, and always take the people’s sense of achievement as the evaluation standard to test the effectiveness of the reform. In November 15, 2012, Xi Jinping was elected General Secretary of the party, in the first meeting with reporters on the Declaration: the people’s yearning for a better life, is our goal." He put forward in the tenth meeting of the deep restructuring of the gold content of the reform program fully demonstrated, so that people have more access to". He pointed out that the Party Central Committee’s policy is good, depending on whether the villagers laugh or cry." In the twenty-first meeting of the deep restructuring, he formally proposed to promote economic and social development, whether to give the people a real sense of gain, as the evaluation criteria for the effectiveness of the reform." This assertion with Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s "three favorables" line, reflects the CPC Central Committee and not forget the early heart, continue to advance "noble quality and scientific concept of development. Deep reorganization of the meeting, the field involved in the document and the CPC Central Committee on deepening the reform of a number of major issues through the decision of the 15 areas overlap, improve the livelihood of the people is the top priority. Deep reorganization of the 5 types of documents through the reform of the social livelihood of the 47, the economic reform of the 40, the rule of law reform of the 34, the deep reform of the group’s own rules of the 23, the reform of the party’s political corruption of the 18. Social reform class file most in number, accounting for about 1/3, and increased year by year: 2014 5, 2015 19, 2016 23, fully demonstrated the improvement of people’s livelihood problem determination and hard work. People’s livelihood in a wide range of reforms, are concerned about the people look forward to things. "A chief customs intelligence". Deep restructuring has been in more than and 10 areas of residence, public security, education, health care, poverty reduction, environmental protection, social welfare, news media, think tanks, public cultural and sports launched the reform measures, a wide range, many points and measures of fine, and to embody the "people’s position". As of this year issued "on deepening the construction of law enforcement standardization" opinions "on the coordinate development of urban and rural compulsory education reform and development of the integration of" several opinions "on the further promotion of deepening medical and health system reform experience of a number of opinions" and "poor areas of hydropower exploitation of mineral resources assets income poverty alleviation pilot reform program" "poverty alleviation measures for the implementation of responsibility system" on "in some provinces to carry out ecological environmental damage compensation system reform of the" report "on the support and development of voluntary service organization views" and other documents from public security]相关的主题文章: