Hunan to investigate public enterprises to limit competition and monopoly cases 79 7470d

Hunan to investigate the limit of public enterprises competition and monopoly cases 79 original title: public enterprise monopoly was informed in Hunan and a six limit of public enterprises competition and monopoly in 79 cases of Xiaoxiang Morning Changsha hearing transformation of water meter, water meter is to buy water supply enterprises designated; buy bus tickets, to buy accident insurance specified…… Most people have grown accustomed to things, actually belong to monopoly. According to the unified deployment of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Hunan trade and Industry Bureau from April this year to carry out public enterprises in the province to restrict competition and monopolistic behavior special enforcement. September 27th morning, the Hunan provincial Trade and Industry Bureau held a special briefing, informed the special rectification of the previous stage. According to current statistics, the province investigation limit of public enterprises competition and monopoly cases 79, worth 31 million 772 thousand and 200 yuan. 32 of the cases, the confiscated amount reached 2 million 125 thousand and 200 yuan (see drawing data), Hunan industry and Commerce and the market supervision system to enterprises take the initiative to return the fees of nearly 150 million yuan. 79 cases of public enterprises restricting competition and monopoly in the country have investigated, involving several types of enterprises were the largest in the field of power supply, water supply, public traffic. According to the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau informed that the outstanding problems have been found and dealt with mainly in six areas. The water supply enterprise in a form of reform process, forcing the user to buy the designated water meter, forcing the user to accept the construction services specified; compulsory minimum charge fees to the water users in rural areas; compulsory standard to the user to receive water damages. Gas companies require users to pay prepaid expenses; forcing users to buy the installation of natural gas alarm device. The electric power enterprise in the process of lift capacity, business, force the user to install the specified purchase device; and without prior agreement with the user case, according to the amount of the 0.5% compulsory charge loss fee. Funeral companies forced to buy products and with the installation of tombstone tombstone, lettering, porcelain service. Bus companies overcharging, car passenger transport companies to buy their designated passenger accident insurance. In addition, telecommunications, cable operators in the laying of residential quarters, schools and other units of the network, the signing of the exclusion, restriction of competition agreements, etc.. Hunan Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce Secretary Li Jindong stressed that violations of individual industries and areas are still very serious, the next step, the province’s industrial and commercial and market supervision system will continue to deepen the special rectification of public utilities. [response] Xinao Gas: gas fee for repaying 130 million advance related issues to inform provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Changsha Xinao Gas Company Limited, the enterprise is in accordance with the "anti-monopoly law" and "Anti Unfair Competition Law", carry out self correction. At the same time, Changsha Xinao Gas Company Limited to "industrial and commercial gas supply agreement" was amended, stipulates that originally the prepaid gas fee in order to use, to the prepaid expenses paid by the customer independently determine whether. It will be 180 million yuan in advance fee charged gas accumulated over the years business users gradually repaying 130 million yuan, the remaining 50 million are also active docking, verification, as soon as possible and strive to return. Power supply company: users buy electricity device by the company to pay for the provincial industrial and commercial相关的主题文章: