How to talk to children about the impending marriage

How to talk to children about the impending marriage? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Article source: very psychological pot, the child does not back Miss ten: when you know old friends, his son on the third day. He often buy food to cook, take care of the children learn to live, is recognized in the circle of friends a good father and a good husband. "In vino Veritas", recently gathered tipsy, he said: "the children finished college entrance examination, marriage also left. From junior high school on the child agreed, and now finally released!" I feel frozen in a moment, there is this thing? Do not see, a good man to buy food for the children every day to cook, even to comply with an agreement, to maintain 6 years of "trial marriage"? In this world there are many "for children not to divorce" marriage? Have no feelings, and "trial marriage work at a pool of stagnant water, very thin Si fear. Select the "tolerance" of marriage, it is for the children, or in the escape? And how to say goodbye to the dead marriage? Why not divorce? This pot, children do not back it is said that after the college entrance examination, many parents hurried to the Civil Affairs Bureau to tear the marriage certificate, divorce certificate. I checked the data in recent years, found that 20 days before the entrance and the college entrance examination after the first 20 days, the divorce rate is actually a difference of two times, the divorce rate is indeed very significant change. The entrance to this point in time, sound, I think, many parents should be for the children have been "tolerance", until the child to home schooling to divorce. A home, a father, mother, children, live together under one roof every day, such a home, the form is complete. But under the eaves, parents xingtongmolu, conflict with each other, and even attack each other, bickering, such as home, in the flames of war, only "for children" and the duration of its complete form, a lot of things within the family system is broken. Children in which there will be deep anxiety and helplessness. "For the children" trial marriage, is the embodiment of parents love their children, also become the most highfalutin excuse to evade their problems. There are four possible reasons for not having a divorce: fear of child growth. This is the deepest fear of parents, the most understandable. Most people will feel that if the divorce will bring bad influence on the child, such as children do not love to learn, have a variety of psychological problems. Two afraid of losing attachment. This is the woman’s concern, many people will tell you that "you have divorced elsewhere". These are suggested to convince you to marry is attached to a person, divorce is the loss of backing. One case, divorced mother very guilty for divorce, living alone with her son, when the son was out suffered discrimination or bullying, back home requires the mother to his knees, and my mother was really to his knees. My mother knelt in front of his son, his son is crying in fact. The son for his mother ordered to be ashamed of, but he is really mother to his knees and felt guilty, even angry. The most distressed is, the mother of their divorce guilt and guilt actually)相关的主题文章: