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How to restore the running state after adjusting the recipe formulation plan after running: how to restore the experience and the Spring Festival holiday, how to restore the training, has become a pressing matter of the moment back runners. Fitness coaches suggest that after the adjustment of the festival, you need to give yourself a period of adaptation, to control the mouth while taking the leg, and constantly adjust the body function, in order to achieve the normal state. 1, hold your mouth, you can search a lot of online diet plan, but not every one is suitable for you. Remember a principle, think about whether you need it before you eat. Especially in the evening, it is necessary to control your mouth and proper diet. To restore a healthy diet program, a light diet also contains a lot of energy. 2, drink plenty of water, water damage on the body is very large, can cause headache, gastrointestinal discomfort, but also lead to fatigue. Dehydration is going to slow us down, scientists have found. After the resumption of training will often consume more water, so timely replenishment is critical. As for the amount of water you can control, you can use the "half weight" calculation, such as your weight of 150 pounds, then you can take 75 ounces of water range, and more gradual decline in physical condition. 3, eat cereals browse a large number of diet Raiders, you will find that the grains bring energy intake is not lower than the food nutrition, some grains would make the body more healthy. Sports nutritionists suggest, after the festival diet, brown rice and other cereals are a good choice, you may wish to store a little bit in the refrigerator, with the use of the pick. 4, burn fat to burn off excess fat, we can use some variable speed running, high intensity running mode, such as after a warm-up, to run full speed horse run 1 miles, and then run half marathon speed run 1 miles, 1 miles with a speed of 10 kilometers, running 1 miles and then finally with the speed of sprint. This can maximize the degree of body heat, burning fat. 5, from the beginning of the adjustment to the body after a process, you can give yourself a few days, from a variety of snacks to get rid of. This process is very important, it can help us restore confidence and motivation. Try to eat unhealthy snacks and fried foods and eat more vegetables. 6, don’t panic. If you accidentally eat a hamburger, don’t be guilty all day. Experts found that those who felt guilty after eating chocolate were more likely to lose weight than those who ate chocolate cake. So don’t let regret and shame down our weight-loss plan, if not shut up, then go to stride leg! (Wen Dongtian)

节后如何恢复跑步状态:调整食谱 制定跑步计划 节后如何恢复   经历大吃大喝的春节假期,如何恢复训练、找回状态成为了跑步爱好者的当务之急。健身教练们建议,节后调整需要给自己一段适应期,管住嘴的同时迈开腿,不断调整身体机能,以达到正常的状态。   1、管住嘴   你可以在网上搜到很多饮食计划,但并不是每种都适合你。记住一个原则,在吃东西之前想想是否需要。特别是晚上,管住嘴和适量的节食是必要的,重新恢复健康的饮食方案,清淡的饮食同样包含丰富的能量。   2、多喝水   缺水对身体的损害是很大的,会引起头痛、胃肠不适,还会导致疲劳感。科学家调查发现,脱水会让我们跑的更慢。节后恢复训练中往往会消耗更多水分,因此及时补水十分关键。至于饮水量的控制,可以采用“体重一半”的计算法则,比如你的体重150磅,那么可以以摄入75盎司的水为范围,并更具身体状况逐渐递减。   3、吃杂粮   浏览大量饮食攻略,你会发现,杂粮带来能量摄入水平并不低于大鱼大肉的营养,一些杂粮会让身体更健康。运动营养师建议,节后饮食糙米等谷物都是不错的选择,不妨在冰箱里储存一点,随用随取。   4、燃脂肪   为了燃烧掉那些多余的脂肪,我们可以采用一些变速跑、高强度跑的方式,比如在热身之后,以跑全马的速度跑1英里,再用跑半马的速度跑1英里,用10公里的速度跑1英里,最后再用冲刺的速度跑1英里。这样可以最大程度调动身体热度,燃烧脂肪。   5、从头来   节后调整身体需要一个过程,不妨给自己几天时间,从各种零食中摆脱出来。这个过程很重要,它可以帮助我们恢复信心和动力。尝试着少吃不健康的快餐和油炸食品,多吃一些蔬菜。   6、别惊慌   如果你一不小心吃了一个汉堡,不要整天都有负罪感。专家发现,那些吃完巧克力之后感觉内疚的人,减肥失败的概率甚至超过吃了巧克力蛋糕的人。所以不要让遗憾和羞愧拖垮我们的减肥计划,如果没有管住嘴,那就去迈开腿吧!(文 冬天)相关的主题文章: