Hongkong ATV or will become the president of the Legislative Council had set support mentalist

Hongkong ATV or will become the president of the Legislative Council had set to support the Nanfang Daily News (reporter Zhong Lin) this year will have 58 years of history, for Asian television is very difficult. All along, the Asian television were continuously reported in February 5th, the Asian Television shareholders keep going by painstaking effort, Wang Zheng officially released a statement said, "in view of the new investors unable to fulfill its obligations, to avoid confusion, I as the main creditor, has today at five pm to the Hongkong High Court submitted a petition to atv". According to Hongkong media reports, enter the year 28, Asia Television has been facing paralysis of unmanned operation, earlier ATV Rongbin investment company is refusing to pay, resulting in more than 400 employees in December and January by a large number of employees in arrears of wages, at this time have quit or were fired in disguised, senior after a board meeting also decided to resign, which including the Asian Television chief operating officer Ma Xi. ATV investors before Wang Zheng filed a petition, more like the final word, further declared the end of the Asian television. The two female anchors of the Asian TV evening news actually said goodbye to the audience before the end of the night, "goodbye to each other."!" It is reported that the Asian News Department since 5 am have been suspended, in other words, there will be no news after ATV, a great chance of not conforming to the provisions of the license every day at least two news broadcast, the short term Asian TV or really will become history. Pointed out that the Hongkong commerce and Economic Development Bureau, although ATV represented by Wang Zheng, proposed for liquidation, but as a licensee, ATV still have the responsibility during the rest of the licence, services continue to abide by all the laws and regulations of the licence conditions. As we all know, in recent years, the Asian TV ratings have been declining, the prime time program average audience rating is only 1 points, that is only about 65 thousand spectators, zero ratings are common. During the period, Asian TV stations took many ways to save the audience. For example, held "charity extravaganza" support ATV show, although all Taiwan ATV artistes, plus video clips, wireless niche artistes President Ceng Yucheng shooting support, and from all walks of life on behalf of the group took turns on stage, but in the end, the average audience is still only 1 points, the highest ratings are only 2 points. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

香港亚视或将成为历史 立法会主席曾拍片支持   南方日报讯 (记者 钟琳)年关将至,对于已经有58年历史的亚洲电视却是异常艰难。一直以来,亚洲电视均不断传出惨淡经营,2月5日,亚洲电视股东王征正式发布声明,称“鉴于新投资者未能履行其义务,为避免混乱局面持续,敝人作为主要债权人,已于今日下午五时向香港高等法院递交亚视清盘申请”。   据香港媒体报道,进入年廿八,亚洲电视已面临无人运作的瘫痪状态,早前亚视投资公司荣彬更是拒绝出钱,致使400多名员工12月及1月的薪金遭到拖欠,大批员工在此时纷纷离职或被变相解雇,相关高层在召开董事会后也决定辞职,其中就包括亚洲电视营运总裁马熙。亚视前投资者王征提交的清盘申请,更仿若一锤定音,进一步宣示了亚洲电视的末路。亚洲电视晚间新闻的两名女主播在前晚节目结束前,更亲自向观众道别:“有缘再会!”据悉,亚洲新闻部自5日凌晨起已全部停工,换言之,以后亚视将不会有新闻播放,很大机会上无法符合牌照每天至少播出两节新闻的规定,短期之内亚洲电视或真将成为历史。香港商务及经济发展局指出,亚视方面虽然以王征为代表,提出申请清盘,但是作为持牌机构,亚视还是有责任要在余下牌照的期间内,继续遵守所有法例及牌照条件的规定提供服务。   众所周知,近年来亚洲电视的收视一直走低,黄金时段节目平均收视往往只有1点,即仅有约6.5万观众人次,零收视更是屡见不鲜。期间,亚洲电视台曾经采取不少方式挽救收视。例如举办《万众同心撑亚视》的义演秀,虽倾尽亚视全台艺人演出,再加上无线小生花旦、立法会主席曾钰成等拍摄的短片支持,及各界代表团体轮流上台献艺,但最终平均收视仍然只有1点,最高收视亦只有2点。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: