High speed maglev can counter attack success govos

High speed maglev can counter attack success before, rail transportation equipment, China’s largest manufacturer of Chinese Zhongche announced, will launch a speed of 600 km high-speed maglev national key special research and development. High speed maglev vehicle project will be available in 2020 June. China high-speed rail rail and maglev route of the dispute, after a long debate, had long ago settled, and ultimately high-speed rail wins. In 1999, the first railway Chinese fast passenger – Qinhuangdao Shenyang Passenger Dedicated Railway started. Today, after ten years of development, China high iron created from the pursuer became the leader of the miracle, the Chinese high speed railway mileage over 20 thousand km mark in the world, the scale of high-speed rail, high-speed railway operation accounted for more than 60% of world total mileage. China’s high-speed rail has the ability to operate in a variety of complex geological conditions and climate environment, safe and reliable, highly skilled high-speed rail has become China’s manufacturing for the world’s business card". At this time, China announced the launch of the high-speed maglev project, does this mean that the maglev is expected to be a successful counter attack? Although the high speed maglev train has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise and low emission, it is difficult to put into practice because of the huge cost of construction and maintenance. More importantly, with the continuous improvement of high-speed rail wheel speed, the relative advantage of high-speed maglev has not obvious. At present, China’s high-speed EMU highest speed record of 486 kilometers, the normal operation of the speed of about 300 km. Maglev can overcome the friction between the wheel and the rail, had been a technical advantage, but when the object speed exceeded 300 kilometers, about 90% from the air force rather than rail, Maglev to high-speed wheel rail technology advantage is no longer obvious so. Based on the present situation and the development momentum of high iron magnetic levitation technology, in a fairly long period of time, no hope of realization of high speed maglev counter attack. So, why Chinese Zhongche will start high-speed maglev project? The project in China is the national key special research and development, which means that the main purpose of the study is to carry out related research, theoretical basis, and to seize the forefront of science and technology, make technical reserves for the subsequent development of Chinese high iron. In fact, the wheel and magnetic levitation, the two are not "two choose one" relationship. At present, environmental protection, safety, mobility and low cost advantages of medium and low speed maglev is accelerating the pace of China’s urban areas. The high speed maglev high reliability, strong ability to withstand extreme weather, the future in terms of technical breakthroughs once, can be put into operation at five hundred or six hundred kilometers per hour. This rate is higher than the high iron current but lower than the plane, when the high speed maglev train will become the new middle class traffic speed mode, high speed maglev is expected to become a useful supplement to the high railway network, and have broad application prospects. At the same time, the relevant departments will be included in the national key high-speed maglev special research and development, but also shows a strong sense of hardship". The United States super high-speed maglev research is carried out in wildly beating gongs and drums related to the company, the design is to make the floating "capsule" on the huge pipeline speeding, the expected maximum speed of 1200 kilometers. Recently, Japan also has magnetic.相关的主题文章: