Henan bus 20 deaths caused by cliff fall accident two people jailed for 7 years mmhouse

Henan bus 20 deaths caused by cliff fall accident two people jailed for 7 years in March 2, 2015 23 am, a car from Henan Xinxiang city to Linzhou city bus at the junction of two city (provincial road S226 45+800 meters) traffic accident, falling down a steep hill, a total of 20 people were killed, 13 injured. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Xiangshe Xinhua Zhengzhou February 4 Xinhua (reporter Li Yanan) reporter 4 from Linzhou City, Henan province people’s court was informed that due to the driver of the bus to undocumented, which leads to the occurrence of "3· 2" Linzhou bus zhuiya of major traffic accidents, Tian mouwei Lee couple days ago was in traffic music the crime were sentenced to 7 years, and the driver together to compensate the economic losses incidental civil plaintiff 1004 yuan.   23 March 2, 2015, a bus from Xinxiang to Linzhou falls at the junction of the two cities, 33 people on the train, 20 deaths and 13 injuries.   the court found that, in July 2014, the defendant Tian Mouwei and Li Fei ran a troupe without permission, and Tian Mouwei was the head of the troupe to perform a profitable performance. In September of the same year, Tian Yu bought the Yu AL9139 bus for the group performance, pulling the actor, usually by Tian Mouwei without a license driving.   at 18 o’clock in March 2, 2015, Tian Mouwei and Lee had no view, hired a driver without a license for the driver of the song, driving the car from Xingyang City, to the town of Linzhou before the performance of the village, the car ride 33 people. 23, Xu, the car to a bend when the rollover, falling into the roadside cliff.   judicial identification showed that the car brake before driving speed of 41 kilometers per hour; for continuous curves, steep slopes, continuous brake braking system, brake drum overheating caused by serious abrasion, reduce braking efficiency, the bus in the bend excessive centrifugal force, bending radius is increased, the final out of the fence in the mountains.   identified by traffic police, traffic signs section speed limit of 20 km hour; the driver driving without a license, safety facilities are incomplete, the vehicle has security risks.   the court also found that the accident caused losses to 56 plaintiffs in incidental civil litigation, accounting for more than 1004 yuan.   the court held that the defendant Tian Mouwei, Li Moule, bus actual controller, knowing that the car fails to install safety with safety, the driver did not verify the song without a license under the condition of employment, song illegal driving, violation of traffic regulations, causing major casualties, the circumstances are especially bad, his behavior constituted the crime of traffic accident. According to the circumstances of the crime, the social harmfulness, etc., the above-mentioned judgment is made according to law.   after the first instance, the two defendants did not appeal, and the judgment has now come into force. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098 河南致20人死亡大巴坠崖事故两名责任人获刑7年   2015年3月2日23时许,一辆从河南新乡市开往林州市的大巴车在两市交界处(省道S226公路45+800米)发生交通事故,坠下陡坡,共造成20人死亡,13人受伤。新华社记者朱祥摄   新华社郑州2月4日电(记者李亚楠)记者4日从河南省林州市人民法院获悉,因指使无证司机驾驶大客车,致使发生“3·2”林州大巴车坠崖重大交通事故的田某伟、李某乐夫妇日前被以交通肇事罪分别判处有期徒刑7年,并与涉案司机一起赔偿附带民事诉讼的原告人经济损失1004余万元。   2015年3月2日23时许,一辆从新乡开往林州的大巴车在两市交界处坠崖,车上33人,20死13伤。   法院审理查明,2014年7月,被告人田某伟、李某乐无证经营一豫剧团,由田某伟任团长,进行盈利性演出。同年9月,田某伟购买豫AL9139大巴用于该团演出时拉送演员,平时由田某伟无证驾驶。   2015年3月2日18时许,田某伟、李某乐未经查看,雇佣无驾驶证的宋某为司机,驾驶该车从荥阳市出发,到林州市临淇镇前寨村演出,车上乘坐人员33名。23时许,车行至一处弯道时侧翻,坠入路边悬崖。   司法鉴定显示:该车制动前行驶速度41公里 小时;因连续弯道、坡度较大、连续制动造成制动系统过热、制动鼓磨损严重等,制动效能降低,使得客车在过弯道时离心力过大、过弯半径增大,最终冲出护栏坠入山崖。   经交警认定,事发路段交通标志限速20公里 小时;该车驾驶人无证驾驶,安全设施不全,车辆有安全隐患。   法院另查明,事故给56位附带民事诉讼原告人造成损失,计1004万余元。   法院审理认为,被告人田某伟、李某乐系客车实际控制人,在明知该车未按规定装安全带有安全隐患、未核实司机宋某有无驾驶证的情况下,雇佣宋某违章驾驶,违反交通运输管理法规,造成特别重大伤亡事故,情节特别恶劣,其行为已构成交通肇事罪。根据该案的犯罪情节、社会危害性等,依法作出上述判决。   一审判决后,二被告人均未上诉,目前该判决已生效。 (完) 责任编辑:乔雷华 SN098相关的主题文章: