He was a champion of the draft the drug for 6 years now – this entertainment Sohu soulseek

He was a champion of the draft the drug for 6 years now that Sohu entertainment Shunji had drug Sohu decadent entertainment news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, Fang Shunji as a child star debut, first in 1993 to participate in the singing contest body Ying, launched the first album squeeze nearly 100 million sales, did not expect the adolescent to turn adults voice voice, not only not well developed, also had contact with drug bound, now married, stable life he, these days when interviewed, once again talked about over the past 6 years of crazy days. When Fang Shunji became popular, once a day 11 activities, even after the explosion of red house into view spots, however, because the voice used here early sound, 12 year old face "to the adults" he, after the development is not always smooth, not only the workload dropped, still have to face all the taunt. Then he dropped out to sing the red field, even because of exposure to drugs 2, on the social space. According to the "Daily News" reported Shunji suture, Fang revealed that empty fame too fast, no resistance to temptation, memories of 6 years of MI break and ridiculous day, Tanzania language at that time every day is drinking, hotel, gambling, drugs, through hard times now, but now the wife of Cindy to help him with love power let him awakening, then the other parents oppose their contacts, for this treatment, cut back to the career track a mercenary friend. Today, Fangshun empty marriage married, have a happy family full of dreams, by wearing Shang playing, when singing the judges than singing, in about NT $150 thousand champion income every month, is expected next year will be able to change the end about NT $5 million in debt, to stand up and become "the typical story of the return of the prodigal son".   相关的主题文章: