Harbin Shuangcheng District intends to serve cadres publicized list until October 8th face gossip

Harbin District of Shuangcheng to be appointed cadres publicity list to October 8th to strengthen democratic supervision of the work of selecting and appointing cadres, "based on the selection and appointment of leading cadres work regulations" and the relevant provisions of the Harbin municipal Party committee to be appointed cadres before any publicity, publicity for a period of September 27, 2016 to October 8, 2016 (5 days). Li Hongming, male, Han nationality, born in March 1968, member of the Communist Party of China, postgraduate, master’s degree, Songbei committee secretary Yuan Fu, former head of government, the Harbin high tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, former director of the Party committee secretary Yuan Fu, aspiring Shuangcheng District Committee, standing Committee, secretary. Liu Zhicheng, male, Han nationality, born in December 1966, member of the Communist Party of China, postgraduate, master’s degree, the incumbent Shuangcheng District standing committee, deputy head of the government, to be appointed Deputy Secretary of Shuangcheng District, Shuangcheng district government district recommended candidates. On the quasi jobs such as the situation and problems, can be reflected in the public notice period, reflect the situation and problems must be realistic and should be signed or inform the real name, work unit and contact; the cue is not clear the anonymous and anonymous phone calls, during the publicity inadmissible. Accepting unit: Office of CPC Harbin Municipal Organization Department Cadre Supervision (Report Center)     12380-2-1   words:   address: Harbin City Daoli Zhaolin Street No. 123 post     Code: 150010 e-mail: "by the Harbin Municipal People’s government portal website" () into the cadres supervision and reporting mailbox" 哈尔滨双城区拟任职干部公示名单 公示至10月8日   为切实加强干部选拔任用工作的民主监督,依据《党政领导干部选拔任用工作条例》和有关规定,现将中共哈尔滨市委拟任职干部进行任前公示,公示期限为2016年9月27日—2016年10月8日(5个工作日)。   李洪铭,男,汉族,1968年3月出生,中共党员,在职研究生,硕士学位,松北区委原副书记、政府原区长,哈尔滨高新技术产业开发区管理委员会原主任、党工委原副书记,拟任双城区委委员、常委、书记。   刘志成,男,汉族,1966年12月出生,中共党员,在职研究生,硕士学位,现任双城区委常委、政府副区长,拟任双城区委副书记,推荐为双城区政府区长人选。   对上述拟任职人选如有情况和问题,可在公示期内反映,反映情况和问题必须实事求是,应签署或告知真实姓名、工作单位和联系方式;对线索不清的匿名信和匿名电话,公示期间不予受理。   受理单位:中共哈尔滨市委组织部干部监督处(举报中心)   电    话:12380-2-1   地    址:哈尔滨市道里区兆麟街123号   邮    编:150010   电子邮箱:通过“哈尔滨市人民政府门户网站”()进入“干部监督举报信箱”相关的主题文章: