Google launched its own VR platform for SDK mobile phone to support daydream and so on and so on

Google’s own VR platform launched SDK mobile phone support Daydream to wait for Google Daydream virtual reality platform interface Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 23rd morning news, Google on Thursday launched the official version of the virtual reality SDK (software development kit), the Google Unity engine support virtual reality platform natively, and joined the other optimization. Google said in a blog, compatible with the virtual reality platform Daydream head equipment and smart phones will be launched later this fall, and Google will soon release more information. At the same time, developers can use SDK 1 and DIY developer kit to develop Daydream applications. Google has also begun to accept the application of the Daydream Access Program project. Through this project, developers can work with Google engineers to develop Daydream content. Google Product Manager Maltz Nathan · (Nathan Martz) said: "in the Daydream platform for the development of content, you will know that in all applications will be able to support Daydream mobile phone and headset seamlessly between devices work." The upgraded SDK supports the integration of asynchronous two projection, high fidelity spatial audio, and the use of Daydream handle to interact. By integrating the Unity engine, Daydream developers can use Unity to optimize the rendering of virtual reality. The new SDK also supports head tracking, deep links, and a simple list of Android configuration functions. (Qiu Yue)相关的主题文章: