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General aviation is not open, the first P-750 aircraft to Beiqi line auto – Sohu |AutoR intellectual drive Li Mingyang brand always want to make some big news, BYD for the light rail on the day, Li Shufu open conference in Berlin in germany. Today (October 21st) the BAIC group’s entity platform of Beijing General Aviation Company Limited’s first Pan Pacific Air Navigation (Beijing’s Beijing Pan Pacific Aviation Technology Co. Ltd. is the exclusive domestic manufacturer of aircraft P-750. Beijing Pan Pacific Aviation Technology Limited company is by Beijing General Aviation Company Limited and New Zealand Pacific Aerospace Limited joint venture) the P-750 aircraft assembly line. * Beiqi group party secretary, chairman Xu Heyi Beiqi group party secretary, chairman Xu Heyi said, "last year, we completed the aircraft assembly, the paint, professional plant construction and production preparation, forming an annual output of 70 P750 aircraft production capacity, and we first went to study in New Zealand trained engineers have come back, time ready for production." Beijing navigation was incorporated in 2011, officially started in Jiangsu in October 28, 2015 to set up in. The project covers an area of 160 acres, with a total construction area of 46320 square meters, the largest airspace approved area of about 1720 square kilometers, the maximum flight altitude of 3000 meters, in order to manufacture P750 aircraft based. P750 is a multi – purpose multi – purpose 10 – wing fixed wing aircraft with the characteristics of ultra short takeoff and landing, ground reverse propeller and flexible operation. *P750 P750 is equipped with a large horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 engine, propeller provided by Hartzell company. It is worth noting that the models can be installed at the bottom of the fuselage with the baggage pod, used to transport more goods. P-750 is the same level of aircraft take-off and landing capacity, the highest load capacity of a plane, in the realization of the use of a single high cost. P750 aircraft airworthiness qualification has made the United States and Europe and other more than and 20 countries and regions, mainly used in the fields of passenger and freight, sightseeing, parachuting, aerial photography, aerial survey, aviation remote sensing, "air lux" said. The Secretary of the Party committee, Beijing General Aviation Company Limited General Manager Ling Zhuanghuai said, "the project officially started in October 2015, less than a year’s time, the completion of the professional workshop, painting machine, aircraft assembly line, assembly production and ushered in the first P750 aircraft, a new air velocity." * re installed production line pictures from BGAC’s first P750 aircraft not only for BAIC itself plays an important role, but also led to the economic development of Changzhou. Jiangsu Province, Changzhou city party secretary Yan Li said, "Beijing Changzhou navigation base (a) and the completion of the Pan Pacific Airlines first P750 aircraft assembly line, is not only an important milepost of career development of Beijing Automotive Group, is also the city of Changzhou, Changzhou national high tech Zone further accelerate the production of R相关的主题文章: