Game of Thrones studio shots snow dragon mother finally together (video) noreply

"Game of Thrones" studio shots Snow Dragon Mother final game of the sixth season together _10 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch the "game of Thrones" Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) is the Spanish hot shot "game of Thrones" (Game of Thrones) on outgoing photos revealed a major new story at the end of season season, a huge fleet in the build-up to kill the dragon mother go forward with great strength and vigour Wes Telos daenerys targaryen · is about to cross the ocean and continent, and Jon Snow meet her nephew ·. In the photo, KITT Harrington (· Kit Harington) play the snow wearing robes, shaking hands and bowed down Tyrion, they stood around the fierce warrior, onion knight and Dothraki mi sant. It has snow from Winterfell southward, and she led the army and allied. Just don’t know when they are Gu Zhi had, or for reasons of hatred. If the photo studio persuasive is not strong enough, there are called Neithan users on twitter out Harrington and Emily · Clark (Emilia Clarke) in costume scenes photo shoot at the sea. Although the quality is very vague, still can see she helped the wall, facing the sea, is behind in fur cloak snow, seems to be very respectful. "She" Emily also on twitter upload photos of the same scene, and the accompanying text: "major spoilers, daenerys targaryen and Jon · · will meet in the seventh quarter of the first snow." Now she is no longer a simple kind, naive to begin the delicate white sweet silly, she and the snow alliance will undoubtedly give the final blow the lannisters heavy.相关的主题文章: