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Forced consumption of abusive tourists frequently exposed to Yunnan black guide why repeated – Sohu news Satire "tourists, tourists are too stingy to pull out a hair" rogue "abuse"…… Recently, the Yunnan guide forced shopping consumption, abusive tourists and other events in the online exposure, causing public concern and hot debate. Yunnan Tourism Committee informed the investigation and handling of these events, the person involved in the tour guides and travel agencies in accordance with the relevant provisions of the punishment. But the black guide why the incident repeated? What are the problems faced by the regulatory investigation? Reporter launched an investigation. Recently, the network spread a section titled "Yunnan guide compulsory consumption to buy jade" video, video of a female tour guide to the tourists on board said, "bargain, but don’t go cheap, happy to buy a jade…… In the car, I will give you a good reason, in the car, you have lost my job, work are robbed, I do not tell you anything else, you do not want to go out today, this place in Yunnan……" She also said, buy jade to do "good faith" full "number of" full "full amount". After the release of the video quickly aroused concern. For this event, Yunnan Tourism Committee, 15, informed that, after investigation, the exposure of the video tour group from the Yunnan Mellon Travel Agency Limited company operation, the video of the tour guide for Chen lili. Through the investigation of the travel agency and the tour guide asked Chen Lili that video guide "integrity, the number of full amount, full of full of other words and deeds is what it is; Yunnan Meilen Travel Agency Limited company also approved the appointment for this group of tour guides for the business. According to the investigation and illegal facts, tourism in Kunming city to monitor the detachment of the administrative punishment to be given a fine of 100 thousand yuan of Yunnan Mellon Travel Agency Limited company; the administrative punishment to be given daoyouzheng revoked to guide Chen Lili, shall not re apply for a tour card for 3 years. Coincidentally, in National Day during the network exposure of the Yunnan tour abusive tourists shopping "rogue" "" girls riding tour of Lijiang is not without irony "shopping was too stingy to pull out a hair" event. After investigation, someone’s tour guides and travel agencies have been punished in accordance with the relevant provisions. Yunnan Tourism Development Committee said that after monitoring the network public opinion, the relevant departments involved in the investigation and handling of the situation, and to the community informed of the investigation. In recent years, forced shopping guide consumption and abusive tourists event repeated exposure, but also involved in tourism enterprises and tourism practitioners are punished, but the "black Tour" event is still repeated. According to the Yunnan provincial tourism law enforcement corps responsible person, forced shopping guide or abusive tourists is a kind of representation, in fact is a reflection of the part in the tourism enterprises "zero negative cost" or "unreasonable fare" tourist organization behind the problem. The responsible person said, tourism shopping enterprises by raising commodity pricing and give travel agencies and tour guides high "rebate" for the travel agency "zero fare business" profit ", tourism enterprises and practitioners for the pursuit of profit maximization, thus forcing the tour guides to break the law, forcing tourists shopping and consumption, this is" the fundamental reason lead to unreasonable low price tour "and repeated. A lot of travel agents and tour guides legal awareness, the basic problem is illegal operations. agency相关的主题文章: