Fifth national tours on the stone – Stone Book activities opened in Beijing – Beijing xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

"Fifth national tours on the stone – Stone Book" activities opened in Beijing – Beijing, Beijing, August 30, on the morning of 30, the "fifth national tours on the stone – Stone Book" activities opened in Beijing. The event in the "elegant stone" as the theme, including the "Chinese stone spectrum" ceremony, "treasure" magazine for ten years, the stone Memorial Exhibition, China Stone – stone culture forum China stone culture industry and Finance Cooperation summit and other content, showcasing the achievements of contemporary China stone culture, a comprehensive publicity and promotion of art appreciation. "China stone spectrum" is the first in the main event. Book two on volume six, by the "stone culture history", "Introduction", China ancient stone spectrum "China", "distribution of resources of ornamental stones Chinese Ornamental Stone Illustrated" together, a comprehensive summary record of the history of the development of the Chinese stone culture, dig the ancient stone stone culture contains the essence of spectrum, full range show China ornamental stone cultural connotation and artistic charm. "Treasure" magazine is the Journal of the Association for China ornamental stone and domestic public offering of ornamental stones in professional core journals, has published ten years. Through a comprehensive display of the video site was founded ten years ago and has wonderful history come through the fruitful achievements, attracting a large number of ornamental stone lovers watch. The stone exhibition area of 3000 square meters, a total of more than 1000 booths, from all over the country after the screening of ornamental stones, ornamental stone association Chinese boutique Specialized Committee and related units "," China fine ornamental stone stone spectrum "part of the stone into the spectrum of a total of nearly 1000, and at the same time display, calligraphy and paintings complement each other. Outstanding ornamental stone art elements and cultural elements. It is particularly worth mentioning is that "China stone spectrum" part of this wonderful stone into the spectrum of fine appearance, books, paintings, stone pavilions, allow the audience to experience Chinese contemporary ornamental stone collection and appreciation of the history and culture, inheritance and innovation, feel the charm of classical stone. On the afternoon of the "China stone · stone culture forum Chinese stone culture industry and Finance Cooperation summit", from the collection of stone circles, cultural circles, financial experts, academics, industry leaders, business leaders, "Chinese stone culture industry and finance cooperation" as the theme, analyzes the current situation and development trend of stone industry, pointed out the direction for the development of stone circles, providing repair strategies and methods of training. It is reported that this event has also set up two venues north and south. The venue is located in Beijing City, with cultural activities and exhibition; South venue is located in Anhui city of Huaibei Province, to fairs; North South pin, Vicenza, to jointly promote the prosperity of culture of stone, stone art, fashion show contemporary new ornamental stone culture. The event will continue from August 30th to September 5th.相关的主题文章: