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Explore the ancient Qiang culture, the original Yu from Beichuan tourism Sohu while that was a pain in the past, people are industrious and Qiang over the years with both hands to record a new Beichuan. The cliff on the ancient Qiang people are still so hospitable, the birth of Da Yu, is a suitable place to write a book, I leave the Zhuhai know with my old man is the king of the fire. Life can be sad, there will always be a rainbow in the days ahead. Year after year, I feel the call, the dream of the future memory, you and I together fly. Let the flame never go, let it all stay in the past. Enter a door. The ancient Qiang: Qiang ancestors in sheepshead sheep worship in the process of gradually injected sheep will be unique to human blood and kinship concept, sheep began to show its never too sacred, sheep with the Qiang people tribal group’s own source of legend, the production activities and people’s social organization and system development it has become a symbol of the Qiang people, sheep clan and symbols, and then evolved into a unique period of the worship of totem worship — sheep stage. One of the landmarks is the new Beichuan sheep. Beichuan Qiang Folk Museum covers an area of 13 thousand square meters, the exhibition area of 5400 square meters, by the Macao foundation built a $one hundred million, equivalent to 85 million 880 thousand yuan. The museum to Beichuan as the main line, the future will cover the entire Qiang culture. The museum is divided into three layers, the first floor for the temporary exhibition area, mainly for the display of other museums to exchange exhibits, last year, the new year in Beichuan, Canada, the original people sent to the totem poles on the deposit in this. The two floor is the historical exhibition area. The third floor is a social and cultural exhibition area. The main display of Qiang Folk practice activities, also shows from Qinghai Gansu South Qiang migrated to the historical process of Beichuan. This is a record of the history of the literature, I looked carefully for a long time but always feel that the ancients are too complex. There is a sense of not understand! But this is the literature left by ancestors, it is worth studying. Through the historical changes, the Qiang people helped the red army fought victory in the battle of the long march. One side of the wall and the fallen soldiers. Let me take a deep bow before them. Suddenly back thousands of years ago, I was sent to the ancient Qiang, a kindly old man sitting in front of the fire at me. She did not say what to me, just motioned me to sit down in front of the fire. The old man poured a cup of hot soup for me. I looked around at the wooden house. Simple but full of warm home. The articles of the ancient Qiang nationality. In the narrator’s words, these things have been in the history of the development of the river. The mood is extremely sad! I looked up at the octagonal tower of ancient wine. In Qiang language, the more that the old tower angle position is higher in the Qiang position. And I have been to a lot of people are not the same, but here is the higher the status of the elderly but the more kind. And I together learn Qiang language, follow the Fuyuan tones and vowels. Learn the most floating quasi Qiang language. I’ve been learning for a long time.相关的主题文章: