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Elderly apartment room monitoring controversial staff: good news for the elderly – Sohu Chinese daily news (reporter Qing Rongbo) if you’re living within the control of the shooting range, you will not have the mood? > > the old man always be staring curiously, what is not natural "I feel very strange, what is not natural!" Yesterday, an old Gaoling District Jinghe industrial park an elderly apartment, this strange mood origin strange one month ago, apartments are equipped with monitoring in each room, and 24 hours in the open state, "we are sitting in the room, but all the time, feeling a pair of eyes staring at the we do not blame you blame?" Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter after entering the apartment to see, there are infusion hall, there are clinics, pharmacies and the elderly living room. More than 10 people were arranged in 6 houses, each house has two or three people, each of the house there is a nurse, responsible for the care of old people living. The old man’s room has an independent bathroom, monitoring in the corner of the installation, in addition to the bathroom can not see the situation, the other positions in the room are within the scope of monitoring. A worker said, sometimes need to give the old man cleaning the body, since the installation of monitoring, when the old man needs to be scrubbed, somewhat reluctantly, sleep at night, changing clothes is not easy. There are elderly men and male workers feel indifferent, older, have what privacy. China Daily reporter contacted some of the families of the elderly, the families of the objections raised for monitoring, but there are families feel insignificant. > > the elderly apartment to prevent the installation of unexpected accidents in the elderly apartment in an office on the west side of the apartment, you can see all the real-time monitoring of the apartment. In this regard, the apartment staff said that the apartment now has 14 people, the installation of monitoring, in order to prevent the elderly fall, many years ago happened but did not find the old man fell down. Is good for the elderly, because the old man in the apartment at the age of seventy or eighty, most of them have paralysis and senile diseases, "now the technology is still in the late perfect, the families of the elderly can also see their elderly living in an apartment in the case of mobile phone. Supervise the move also to care behavior, prevent the abuse of the elderly care workers." Apartment staff said that the office has the duty officer, but not all day watching in front of the monitor screen monitor. Indeed, the elderly have reflected the problem of monitoring, but they believe that the benefits outweigh the benefits of installation monitoring. > > lawyers say although the original intention is good, but the invasion of the privacy of the elderly, the elderly apartments in the elderly accommodation room monitoring, there is no invasion of privacy? Shaanxi Jin Gao Jin law firm lawyers said that, although the apartment installation intention is good, but let the life of the elderly living in the 24 hour exposure monitoring, this approach obviously violated the privacy of the elderly. "Invasion of privacy is not a kind of protection, the apartment should consider how to do not invade?相关的主题文章: