Do not lose weight can also thin Dongyu Zhou so get rid of small thick legs visualboyadvance

Don’t lose weight can also get rid of the small thin Dongyu Zhou wearing thick legs lead: 2016 is the works of Dongyu Zhou blossom everywhere a year, Dongyu Zhou starred in the movie "ice", "lies" Sicily hunt just propaganda end at the end of July, Dongyu Zhou starred in director Tsui Hark’s "numerology" is just fixing, in September and July and still "released" Dongyu Zhou, Li Yifeng, and starred in the Spy Drama "sparrow" in September 5th, Hunan satellite TV also immediately launch! (source: Ruili nets) "happy camp" Dongyu Zhou Dongyu Zhou "happy camp" this is not just in the "happy camp" propaganda drama, in the "happy camp" challenge the stars of the most in airport are also playing water games and Joseph Cheng group, but this is not the focus, focus on Dongyu Zhou double white and slender straight legs shocked to weave!!! The picture can be PS "according to cheat, but this pair of mobile TV big legs is not out of any living standard leg defects ah! Shizukaaki Shizukaaki, the "muscular legs" before you are gone! No comparison, no harm! Dongyu Zhou is back, "the Hawthorn Tree" in pure elegance to autumn in a complete mess, with the tender and sentimental autumn is a pair of muscular, slightly stout legs. Dongyu Zhou Dongyu Zhou unveiled the event even participated in the fashion week, Dongyu Zhou’s little thick legs or difficult to hide but who is not a little black history, now Dongyu Zhou has shrunk! It is a small slender skeleton of Dongyu Zhou, after the calf of the BUG removed, Dongyu Zhou instantly become fashionable capable, but more young and playful, magically added a large gas field. Dongyu Zhou Lin Chiling even Zhuangshan and tall legs sister Zhi Ling Zhuangshan Tommy Hilfiger Peterpan led print dress, completely not in fear, but more girls with more pure, is very mysterious! Lady Dongyu Zhou in addition to TV drama works continuously, but also to participate in the reality show "we love it" the second season, and Shawn Yue formed the "CP universe" was Orange Juice CP beat Chen Bailin Song Ji Hyo’s mad circle powder! "We love Dongyu Zhou and Shawn Yue." well, let’s visit the Dongyu Zhou group now to get rid of the greasy, thick legs, promotion fashion honors Dongyu Zhou rapid counter attack road. Dongyu Zhou wears a leather skirt at Dongyu Zhou wore Miu Miu red dress elegant playful Dongyu Zhou appeared in Dongyu Zhou Miu Chanel Miu ginger yellow shirt collocation small leather skirt, elegant dress scarves personality Dongyu Zhou attend the awards event Dongyu Zhou Miu Miu Black Lace stitching Lapel dress Dongyu Zhou wore a Alexis Mabille 2016 spring and summer series bright yellow shirt dress beautiful word shoulder Dongyu Zhou wearing black McQueen print dress collocation and fresh personality Necklace Dongyu Zhou spell color dress show legs Dongyu Zhou now more graceful and elegant at the same time, also gradually found their own style. Light makeup, lip pink girl, with beautiful hair, like a graceful and charming girl. But heavy.相关的主题文章: