Cultural Relics Bureau responded wild the Great Wall levelled a verified News – Sohu will not appeas

Cultural Relics Bureau responded: wild the Great Wall was smooth once verified will not appeasement – Sohu news in people’s Daily reporter Wang Jue recently, the media exposed the Liaoning County of Suizhong province "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall by mortar" reports, triggered public concern. The State Cultural Relics Bureau attaches great importance to, immediately instructed the Liaoning Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau of investigation and verification, and sent emergency rushed to the scene to check assessment. This section of the Great Wall involved in emergency repair engineering technical solutions in the 2012 annual report of the State Administration of cultural heritage. In view of the the Great Wall remains of existing structural disease and flood problems are more serious, in order to avoid further damage, the body of the cultural relics disappeared, the State Bureau of cultural relics by expert assessment approved to offer solutions, the the Great Wall at the top of the wall, table top anti-seepage and drainage special design requirements, and instructed the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau guidance design units to revise and improve the implementation of the plan after approval. The project was started in 2013 and completed in 2014. For the protection of the maintenance and construction of concern and social media, the State Bureau of cultural relics are organized according to the relevant laws and regulations and the principles of conservation of the project implementation of the State Cultural Relics Bureau approval, project implementation and effect evaluation, and timely publication of investigation and evaluation conclusion. As the project construction management, project quality and other issues, once verified, according to the law of the relevant units and personnel seriously, never justifying, leniency involving illegal connivance; and will cooperate with relevant departments to investigate. Aiming at the protection of the Great Wall maintenance of social concern in philosophy, technology and management, in 2014 the State Administration of cultural heritage issued the "the Great Wall protection maintenance work guidance", on 2015 the organization of professional institutions to further carry out the protection of the the Great Wall Standard Specification for maintenance management, formulation, the formulation of relevant standards in August 2016 officially launched, will strive for the early introduction of. At the same time, the State Administration of cultural heritage will further increase the protection of maintenance engineering supervision, to ensure the quality of the project. The Great Wall is a symbol of the spirit of the Chinese nation, the protection of the Great Wall is the bounden duty of cultural relics workers. The State Administration of cultural heritage sincerely thanked the media for their concern and supervision over the protection of the Great Wall, and hoped that the media and the public would be able to get their attention, support and participation in the future work. Welcome to the destruction of the behavior of the Great Wall and the protection of the problems in the maintenance of the report, the hotline is 12359. This year is the ten anniversary of the implementation of the State Council "the Great Wall Protection Ordinance", the State Cultural Relics Bureau launched the "the Great Wall law enforcement special inspector" in September 20th, the the Great Wall along the 15 provinces (city, district) sent groups of inspectors supervise the protection of the Great Wall. Suizhong Ming the Great Wall renovation project has also been listed as the focus of the special inspector.相关的主题文章: