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Could it be true? The patent documents reveal Apple’s "head motion control" headset – Sohu technology [Technews] new technology with the iPhone 7 launch of the AirPods wireless headset not officially listed, the U.S. Patent Office recently revealed Apple patent documents sufficient time in research on not only let the headset, the headset can have the function of monitoring the state of motion, also allows you to "head control" headset. AirPods and Siri touch users feel better than traditional wire convenient, but if use "head" to control the headset functions? In the United States Patent Office documents can be seen in the apple in 2008 had applied for sports headset related design patents in the patent design, the left and right ear headset will be processed separately in different work, while adding motion data monitoring sensors to monitor and record the user, the other side is adding motion sensors, special processing function. Apple in the patent document explains the "potential operation" mode of operation, first of all, the user can first record specific movements of the head, or operate in accordance with the system default mode, when the sensor detects the movement of specific variables after the action potential will start operating functions, users can use a head tilt and the next song selections, or is used to control the volume up and down, with a nod to play, pause, or even answer the phone etc.. In the patent document also mentioned that this headset may be wireless, it may be wired, in the end Apple will not be a "SportPods" to meet the needs of different users? According to Apple launched a new headset now make snap situation, and then launch a personal independence of conduct headset is not impossible, but the premise in AirPods has built-in motion sensor, there also is a need to update the iOS system and open the "head" headset firmware function. Regardless of the outcome, it can be determined that, if Apple to adjust the volume adjustment function for the head and bow, you can reduce the incidence of many of the cervical spine problems. Further reading: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: