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Combat aircraft! Through the strong fog landing Capital Airport News – not all Sohu are called special weather haze fog haze haze in the process did not grab the headlines occupy the headlines is actually a Russian aircraft things from November 4th that silent hill general night talk, Beijing has released haze orange signal warning, the meteorological department also issued the heavy fog warning. Affected by the weather, the capital airport landing conditions are not, the air traffic control department of the joint airport launched two categories of blind descent (that is, without the naked eye, with instruments and other auxiliary landing). Natural goose…… Near the ground fog and haze ah, like a thick sputum, blowing are not scattered. The plane still doesn’t land properly. According to the Traffic Management Bureau of small meat that worked for such a long time, the two to 10 hours at 8 pm on November 4th, after a year of "7700" know who explain "7700": distress. Modern civil aviation aircraft generally equipped with transponder, can provide four bit digital coding for ground radar identification. General ground air traffic control personnel according to the radar transponder code to identify the plane who is who. And if the aircraft in distress in the air (such as fuel is not enough, fire, engine shutdown, etc.), the pilot will be adjusted to 7700 transponder code, ground air traffic control personnel will immediately conduct emergency response. It is said that the day of the capital airport is like this. A flight from Hongkong airport to the capital airport red? Angle flight, as he was panting hard over the many, three times to landing at the airport without success, finally return to Hongkong. User comments are God level, Hukou Waterfall has come out. According to know who heard from within Hongkong, the plane captain is Daredevil, familiar with the Beijing haze days landing, landing on the same day he found the scene when the height of the visual range of thought: Oh, today this haze is a bit strong ah, first try yo. Unexpectedly, a dive into the advection fog that couldn’t see the runway lights, directly pull the lever of flying. This large ground concentration (phlegm?) (thick fog?) was vacated the aircraft cut open a road. The captain a look, missed operation can take ground fog, perhaps again can drop, he quickly put up landing posture. The first time is not long and thick fog gash was gathered on the runway, the landing was unsuccessful, reciprocating three times failed, the captain said this man did not come, we still go back to Hongkong’s oil. Know you checked, the night of November 4th, the capital airport is red delay warning, air traffic control data provided by the display, the capital airport visibility was reduced to 200 meters, while starting down the blind can not meet flights taking off and landing, so the day will appear so much do not fall down to the field of alternate aircraft. However, at this time, the "fighting nation" on the safety of aircraft landing at the airport in the capital, people not only land, but also the fantastic arrive early. Those of the "fighting nation" has already heard the masses eat melon, called Lara’s standing ovation. Net friend @_fengsuiy.相关的主题文章: