Chinese medical experts congenital little ears do not have to operate immediately

Chinese medical experts: congenital little ears do not have immediate surgery – Beijing, the original title: Chinese medical experts to amend the international traditional view: congenital little ears do not have immediate surgery in new network Shanghai on 29 August, (Sun Guogen Chen Jing) congenital stenosis of external auditory canal (also known as the "small ears") that is the moet common craniofacial birth defects. The traditional view of the world otology community believes that congenital stenosis of external auditory canal patients age, the degree of stenosis of external auditory canal is narrow, the probability of formation of cholesteatoma of external auditory canal is larger, and advocate early meatoplasty, in order to avoid the damaging effects of external ear canal cholesteatoma formation. 29 reporter learned, Otolaryngological Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University of plastic surgery research group led by Professor Zhang Tianyu, after a large number of clinical studies for 8 years, revised the traditional "classical view", and points out that, nearly half of EACC patients can be self-healing, therefore, treatment doctors should not immediately carry out It differs from man to man., surgical treatment, in order to avoid causing unnecessary harm to patients. The results have been published in the international authoritative journal Nature magazine’s "science report" ("scientific reports"). Congenital stenosis of external auditory canal or genetic, easily combined with external ear canal cholesteatoma. Cholesteatoma tissue destroying, easy infection caused by otitis media and hearing, peripheral facial paralysis, and with the increase of cholesteatoma body pressure, once the perforation of bone wall, can cause serious complications of intracranial dural abscess. Zhang Tianyu said that the disease not only affects children’s appearance, and will cause the development of hearing and speech function in patients with disorders, causing distress to children in the future employment and the choice of life and bring mental and economic burden to families and children. Zhang Tianyu 29, told reporters that, early meatoplasty, in order to avoid the destructive effect of ear canal cholesteatoma formation, this traditional view is still in use today. But because of hearing reconstruction of auricle reconstruction and high difficulty and high risk of postoperative complications, not many doctors carry out such operations. Therefore, this kind of surgery is a common problem faced in the field of otology and shaping. It is understood that Zhang Tianyu has long been engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital malformations of the external ear and other difficult diseases, has successfully carried out more than 1000 cases of auricle reconstruction and auditory reconstruction surgery. From 2006 onwards, Zhang Tianyu began to focus on this special group system "small ears" in the clinic, by many factors in 246 cases of regression analysis, he found that about 50% of patients with cholesteatoma of external auditory canal will heal, no immediate surgery. "Small ears" patients whether accompanied by ear canal cholesteatoma, can advance the conservative treatment, visual effect to determine the need for reconstruction of external auditory canal. (end)相关的主题文章: