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China made large aircraft as early as the end of 2016, the first flight – China News Agency, Zhuhai, November (reporter Zhang Su) – China made large aircraft C919 when the first flight? The implementation of the country’s main unit of large passenger aircraft Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China gives the answer: by the end of 2016 or early 2017. The Eleventh China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened in Zhuhai in November 1st. Deputy general manager of China commercial flight company, C919 chief designer of large aircraft Wu Guanghui said during the exhibition, C919 large passenger aircraft are tense and orderly preparations before the first flight. Wu Guanghui said that after the completion of the project feasibility study, feasibility demonstration and pre development phase three, C919 large aircraft project has been fully transferred to the stage of development of the project. In November 2, 2015, C919 first aircraft assembly line. Wu Guanghui said that the project in the system integration test, static test, on board test, flight test preparation and several other lines steadily, and through the China civil aviation authority to the European aviation safety agency submitted a model certificate application. Wu Guanghui said that the integration test has been basically completed before the flight avionics test system, test and power test of the first plane, the whole machine cascade adjustment being carried out test. According to the plan and is the first line of aircraft machine system function test, the first flight before the whole machine static test. In addition, the first C919 aircraft group selection and training, first flew the first aircraft flight test with manual release, modification and field service maintenance etc. first flight preparation work is advancing according to plan. Wu Guanghui also said that the second test aircraft have completed the whole machine docking, will be completed by the end of the Department and airtight test, and into the assembly. During the Zhuhai airshow, the ongoing system integration test and static test of the C919 large passenger aircraft in the form of a combination of sound and light image display. Chinese commercial aircraft company will also work with customers to sign C919 airliner and ARJ21 – 700 aircraft purchase and the cooperation agreement. (end)相关的主题文章: