Chengdu railway station passenger rail for the first time in the summer break 10 million vstart

Chengdu railway passenger station for the first time the summer break 10 million – Beijing, Beijing, Chengdu, August 31 (Xinhua Xu Yang? Wang Peng) 2016 summer end 31, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Railway Bureau, during the summer, Chengdu station to send visitors 11 million 537 thousand passengers, an increase of 27.7%, the first time exceeded 10 million mark. The reporter learned that, during this year Shuyun, the face of continued large passenger station in Chengdu, straighten out the stop, waiting, take down the streamline, grasp the passenger waiting, import key station, on and off and other sectors, to guide the passengers ordered out of the station, maintain good waiting, take down the order. At the same time, the station also refine the waiting room, out of the station, channel platform, bridge, tunnel and passenger flow intensive place order maintenance and organization to guide the program, according to the working process and job distribution, implementation of posts, people, responsibilities, and strengthening of bridges, tunnels, elevator, staircase and so easy to cause the passengers out of the station crowded key safety card control, increase the protection of personnel and the implementation guide, release and retention system segmented organizational measures to ensure orderly taxi chaos. In the summer peak, Chengdu station by an additional ticket window, strengthen the self-service equipment maintenance, strengthening organization and guidance Station passenger information service station, additional measures to ease traffic pressure. In order to ensure the smooth travel students Shuyun Chengdu station, all stations within the jurisdiction of the creation of a number of student tickets selling the window, student discount card reading function and 395 sets of tickets vending machines to do updates and maintenance, at the same time in the network and station ticket office publicity operation method of self help reduce machine. Passengers queuing time with students in the purchase of tickets, which can timely take purchase tickets. Reporters learned from the Chengdu Railway Bureau, according to the Internet pre-sale inquiries, from early September to late September, Chengdu station will remain high traffic. (end)相关的主题文章: