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Chengdu primary school school textbook board of Education said in support of the reform – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Zhao Lei) according to media reports, Chengdu Shuanglin primary school should have 9 classes, but the first grade parents found only 5 classes, arrange no Chinese Maths English Curriculum in the curriculum, teaching materials the content is the school teachers. The school curriculum development center director Wang confirmed that this is a new measure of school-based reform, the current school textbooks used in grade one or two, three to the sixth grade will be gradually implemented in science teaching. The education department in charge of a district of Chengdu City Board of Education said that this lesson support the school reform measures. The parents doubt curriculum concerns about the impact of learning on the 28 day, Chengdu, the first grade primary school freshmen report found that this should have nine courses: Chinese, maths, English, art, music, sports, ideological and moral, scientific thinking, mental health and healthy growth, replace all thinking and reading and life, art, science and performance, English and communication. Parents have said there is no timetable to see the row number of language courses. Reporters learned from the school, the school is currently undergoing curriculum reform, and for the one or two grade students to try new teaching materials. In this regard, the parents said, taking into account the primary school graduation is to participate in the examination, or very worried. However, there are parents, said the children like to see new textbooks, especially pictures are familiar with the children, or is willing to look forward to and support. Beijing News reporter from the school curriculum development center director Wang mouth to know, setting up a new development of school textbooks and the new curriculum, including the number of language and other basic courses, only the integration with other subjects, the name is different, the content is made compact and practical extension of the. Three years later after the division of learning to talk about the reasons, Wang said, too much of the discipline will be too early to split the child’s own small world. The number of language, and other disciplines and between various disciplines together to streamline overlapping part, do the merger of similar items. According to reports, the school curriculum reform launched 50 teachers’ participation, which lasted a year compiling five of the series, and with reference to the national and local versions of textbooks. According to reports, the first year after the class change the way the students have changed, each class is equipped with two head teachers to help the new curriculum smoothly. Each new course has a special teacher in charge. The teachers are involved in the compilation of teaching materials. For parents concerned, director Wang said, three grades will be implemented sub branch of the way, high school students or return to the general teaching materials, so does not affect students’ academic performance and examination. Board of education responded: but the deputy director of the Chengdu board of education for the record, a district office Liu Xiaokui expressed support for curriculum reform, because the State advocates school-based curriculum reform, as long as it is in the state of "basic education curriculum reform outline" curriculum standard within the education department will support the move. Of course, the school needs to be prepared, we will keep the record on the basis of concern, including follow-up monitoring, the effectiveness of the school curriculum reform acceptance, to promote its optimization or rectification." 21 world.相关的主题文章: