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Chen Xun Jackie Chan: why about Oscar winning is winning the prize he life – Jackie Chan and Frankie Chan Jackie Chan and entertainment Sohu Frankie Chan set as Jackie Chan and Frankie Chan Sohu entertainment news recently, Jackie Chan won the Oscar prize for lifetime achievement, with praise and spread in every corner. As the representation of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Council that "Jackie Chan is good at dazzling martial arts, innovation and stunning works of infinite charm to the viewers." So why did Jackie Chan become the first Chinese to receive this award? Why can we get worldwide recognition? Recently, Jackie Chan 40 years of good friends, the director of a serious illness, director of the film in the film channel, today’s film review column in the interpretation of why exactly, Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan, Frankie Chan". Jackie Chan is a Hollywood winning life need him as Jackie Chan 40 years of friends, director Frankie Chan said in our mouth brother Jackie Chan as "little brother", about Jackie Chan winning, Frankie Chan said: "he is to take the prize for life, I believe that he is a man of the world with the most awards." Even after the pain of the loss of women, even after a long period of pain and suffering, Frankie Chan director can also be excited about Jackie Chan. "In his office for all future sale of copper iron award, a lifetime." When Jackie Chan finally got a foothold in Hollywood, won the lifetime achievement award, Frankie Chan said: "before he was going to Hollywood, and then Hollywood needs him."." Jackie Chan’s injury is normal body does not a good meat in order to Oscar Oscar, Jackie Chan is a heavy price paid, "he was not a piece of good meat". All the actors are based on safety, while Jackie Chan is more safely uncomfortable". Then, relying on the unique characteristics of the China Kung Fu real fighting and dedication and uncompromising faith in Jackie Chan’s body injury finally earned a worldwide recognition, it is no wonder that Frankie Chan insisted that Oscar should be awarded to him". Frankie Chan was the "ashes of time" "The Legendary Swordsman" "Legend of the Condor Heroes" and other classic movie soundtracks, did the producer, screenwriter, director, actor, is the all rounder. But referred to Jackie Chan, Frankie Chan is still modest low-key, said: as a brother I admire him, you see his perseverance, you will know how far he can go, I have perseverance, but I really did not go away." Jackie Chan went to the Hollywood was not English when the clown Jackie Chan three times in Hollywood, but the first two times and he has not achieved the desired results, in this regard, Frankie Chan said that he is "do the right thing at the wrong time". After Bruce Lee left, expected Jackie Chan to replace Bruce Lee, but Bruce Lee is an international idol you First impressions are strongest, how can use Jackie Chan to replace him, Jackie Chan’s film must be directed by himself". And Jackie Chan met for many years, and cooperation for many years, said Frankie Chan and the work of cooperation with the same number of hair is not clear, like the number of the work of the United States and the United States and the United States and other countries, such as the same as the number of hair is not clear". As long as Jackie Chan invited himself, Frankie Chan will be invited to come, he believes that not only the heart of the heart, but also the level, followed by him to learn something, "passion is always burning, we feel very happy"". Cheng.相关的主题文章: