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Catch China after de Ou? British China launched a "charm offensive" – Beijing, the British government of China launched a charm offensive that will be the next step towards the golden age [Global Times special correspondent in the UK sun micro Global Times special correspondent Chen Xin Li Meng] "the British in China launched the new charm offensive", the eighth Sino British economic and financial dialogue in 10 days London, Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai led a delegation to Britain presided over the dialogue, which gave the British government "closer to the Chinese distance" opportunity. British Prime Minister Teresa? Mei after he took office, asked to review the Chinese participation in Hinkley point nuclear power project, once Lingzhong British Relations experienced twists and turns. Under the background of "taking off Europe", the United Kingdom wants to show the Chinese through the dialogue between the two countries, "the door is still open to investment". Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) said on the 10, the eighth Sino British economic and financial dialogue co chaired by Ma Kai and finance minister Hammond. Ministers of the British government will show the country’s economic engine investment projects in the north, in order to attract Chinese investors. The plan includes 13 large real estate and infrastructure development projects in northern England, each of which has a total of more than $100 million. During the dialogue, will also be announced CITIC construction company in China by the developer base headquarters (ABP), the total amount of 1 billion 700 million pounds in the Royal London Albert pier phase one project invested $200 million. Britain’s Independent newspaper said that the United Kingdom will be announced in the headquarters of the Asian investment bank in Beijing to invest 40 million pounds, and specifically mentioned the UK to support the attitude of Asian investment bank to make the United States dissatisfied. Reuters 10, said Ma Kai and Bank of England governor Carney talks, the two sides are expected to announce some cooperation in the field of financial services news. The British government wants to use London’s global financial status Chinese on this huge potential market. London is now the world’s second largest offshore RMB settlement center. The British "Financial Times" said, Mei took office, because of the relations between the Hinckley corner project "shake", whether the new government had been lost in Mei LED will continue to invest in a lot of political relations with China on. But in September, Mei finally expressed support for Hinckley angle project. Reuters said Britain wants to use the economic and financial dialogue "to" light "the golden age". Before the start of the conversation, Teresa may have met with Ma Kai. Mei said to Ma Kai, "as we move to the next step on the occasion of the relations between the golden age, I look forward to expand bilateral trade and investment opportunities, and continue to encourage and support the implementation of the free trade. "The independent" Hammond said on the 9 day with the "golden age" to describe the "natural" partner "is still obvious reciprocal relationship". He said, Chinese is the world’s second largest economy, Britain’s exports to China grew rapidly, China investment in the UK is higher than other European countries, Britain decided to withdraw from the EU in the referendum, the British still maintain "open for business". Ma Kai of Britain said that the performance of "China WTO" relevant provisions of article fifteenth, the WTO member obligations, China is firmly opposed to any disguised continuation of the "surrogate country" approach. We hope that the British side on the issue of law.相关的主题文章: