Carrier network red on the road Tmall hall 11 Hall – Secret double push technology Sohu

Carrier network red on the road: Tmall office 11 double push secret Hall – Sohu of science and technology communication services across the electricity supplier wild node, is undoubtedly a good business carrying the whole business of Tmall business hall. This is a mature and open platform for electronic business, with the market and the Internet, relying on products, services and experience to play out the electricity supplier positions. Over the past year, Tmall business hall business growth from more than 100 to more than and 500, 2015 and 5.17 double 11 Carnival communication two big promotion activities to bring trading prices, prove that the communication business electricity supplier after the maturity of the field force. However, the Tmall office can not across the hills, a porter and communication service from line to line, as an integrated system of open communication services and online platform, Tmall business has always been in evolution, explore the best mode to provide virtual goods online. Communication service as a special virtual goods, behind it involves a series of complex delivery and implementation process, policy is also very strong, conform to industry trends and business ecological thinking, to experience the real goods delivered to the user, no difference in circulation on the Internet of the distribution system, is the Tmall office have been working on things. From the secret distribution system, real person authentication, credit purchase and so on a series of subversive online operation ability, Tmall hall with love from the heart, to create the most powerful Internet communications business positions. "We hope that the operator of its own channels, electricity supplier channels and social channels, can become the three horse racing together bridle to bridle." Ali communications, said Yu Pengwu, general manager. This year 11, Tmall hall again brought the gift, in addition to the basic traffic rules, enabling businesses to continue. In September 13th, Tmall hall held a double 11 business communication conference, announced that it will continue to support the non charging business development, launched to support the custom shop version of the secret room, open the external interface for product innovation with enough space, and according to the user’s habits, thousands of thousands of surface precision marketing. Yu Pengwu believes that the evolution of Tmall business hall, in fact, is driven by three trends: first, the trend of online full service. Yu Pengwu said that over the past year, Tmall hall from a single business to the whole business, from recharge to broadband, contract machine, flow through the overall evolution, the system is not easy, but let the digital service in Tmall’s transaction has taken a big step ahead; two is the communication business of online consumer demand has blowout. Yu Pengwu said, we have the question, the characteristics of the communications business is just a high frequency, there is no need to create a festival? However, each time we have proved that the creation of the festival for the user’s mental training for the communications business is really important to take the Internet channel. It can be said that the double 11 is not only a big promotion, but also an important node to cultivate capacity. Three is the flow of business and Ali ecological strong chemical reaction. Yu Pengwu said, operators who do believe that calls for free in three years, who will occupy the market opportunities, the flow of business will be the main direction of the future. Tmall business hall will also focus on traffic operations, fully integrated electricity supplier traffic characteristics, there will be more new gameplay, such as traffic and.相关的主题文章: