At the peak Internet plus annual festival of Guangzhou – Sohu asked the transformation of science an candle june

At the top? Internet plus the annual festival of Guangzhou – Sohu asked the transformation of science and technology China science and technology information network November 10th news: Hangzhou summit held successfully, not only to show the China soft power to the world, mark Chinese began to gradually master the right to speak in the world economic governance, the economic issues will be discussed at the meeting are also herald a the new economic era has begun to mature, a new blueprint for the beginning the era of the giant screen. The degree reached from the summit of the group of twenty countries of the "innovation" in the importance of the new blueprint for the growth trend of innovation, the new industrial revolution, the digital economy, the road of sustainable development of economy has entered a new stage in the world. On the one hand, between all countries, economies will continue to deepen ties, become more complex; on the other hand, the rapid development of the Internet is constantly impact other industries, no one can stay out. For all enterprises, changing the world economic situation is increasingly grim, change is imminent! Saw the opportunity to grasp the new opportunities for business transformation "Internet plus" and "4 industry" and "intelligent manufacturing", "robot", "big data", "cloud computing" these concepts are considered as the future growth of the world economy the new engine. The new engine has given birth to the enthusiasm of the public entrepreneurship, and is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of the national economy. However, in the face of the impact of these emerging industries, as a pillar of the economy, the development of traditional enterprises has fallen into an awkward position. No doubt the enterprise transformation, escape the fate of being eliminated, but the choice of transformation also means that whether the enterprise’s way of thinking, the business model or business processes are needed to make a huge change, the risk as can be imagined. Some people even believe that the next five years is the best time for traditional enterprises to seize the digital globalization, once missed, companies will face elimination. Read the latest of this year’s government work report, which can be found in the repeatedly mentioned the government will continue to implement the "Internet plus" action plan to accelerate the integration of Internet and support industries, enhance the new driving force for economic development. Comparison of the previous two years, the government work report can be found, the state at the policy level to support the transformation of traditional enterprises is increasing year by year, which is also facing the transformation of traditional enterprises to bring confidence. However, how the transition is still a huge problem in front of the enterprise. No matter in any era, challenges and opportunities always coexist in the development of enterprises with. New problems facing the new situation, urging companies must strive to find new solutions. Under this background, sponsored by the transformation, Canton Tower, CIO, information age, school managers, Hui, President of blueberry Tianying reading jointly organized the 2016 Chinese transformation Internet plus annual festival will be held in Canton Tower from November 24th to 26. The 3 day of the annual festival will focus on "open · insight, innovation in science and technology driven business transformation and upgrading" theme, inviting government officials, corporate executives, investors, experts and scholars, the media on a number of key was Canton Tower, to discuss the topic of today’s economy under normal "]相关的主题文章: