As a man posing as police Street duty administrative detention for 10 days

As a man posing as police Street duty administrative detention for 10 days the young man grew up on the dream of becoming a cop, but has been unable to do so, he went to buy downhearted police on duty uniforms and work permit, his private van converted into a patrol car in the street patrol duty grew up half a year. Yesterday, Metropolis Daily reporter learned from the Zhuankou police, although no man posing as police. Make cheat, but still want to accept the punishment of public security. "I was a drug junkie, and I was a fake cop, and I was the one who gave himself up." September 27th morning 11 am, Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District) Public Security Bureau case by the center to a man wearing a police uniform. Police asked that the man Cheng Cheng, 31 years old, Yingcheng people, and his wife rented in Zhuankou. A confession of himself posing as police enforcement for seven or eight months, also produced false documents, their fake police uniforms, fake law enforcement vehicles. Subsequently, the police in accordance with the law of the man suspected of pretending to be illegal police transferred to the Dragon police station to investigate and deal with. Through further investigation, Cheng has always wanted to be a policeman, because of various reasons failed to be admitted, at the beginning of this year, downhearted he bought a set of uniforms and work permit on the outside, the mini van India home "patrol", and often a person driving patrols in the area. Cheng said that every time he saw the larger traffic flow, he would stop to command road traffic, see muck truck block plate, motor vehicles do not follow the road, running red lights and other irregularities will also be pointed out in time, to be corrected. Every corrective action, he will be recorded in a "security patrol" notebook. Police investigators introduced, in this notebook, detailed records since August this year, Cheng a total of rectification of various types of road traffic violations of more than 100, a total of more than 50 pages. "Why do you do that?"" When the police asked Cheng sometime, Cheng said proudly, "when a policeman is glorious, it has always been my dream."." In the evening of September 25th, Cheng was invited by friends for dinner and took drugs for the first time. Then he became more and more guilty, and decided to give himself up. Police today, by way of a has been on patrol and picket duty, never do other things so make loud cheat, have not been aware of the police. But even so, its fake police behavior is still illegal, being 10 days of administrative detention. Scan code attention [big Chu Xiaogan], get more new information!

男子为圆梦冒充警察街头执勤 被行政拘留10日 青年男子从小就梦想能当上警察,但一直未能如愿, 心灰意冷的他竟自购警用执勤服和工作证,将自己的私人面包车改装成巡逻车,在街头义务巡逻长大半年。昨日,楚天都市报记者从沌口警方了解到,虽然男子未冒充警察招摇赚骗,但依旧要接受治安处罚。“我吸毒了,又是一名假警察,是专门来投案自首的。”9月27日上午11时许,武汉经济技术开发区(汉南区)公安分局受案中心来了一位身穿警服的男子。民警询问得知,该男子系程某,31岁,应城人,和妻子租住在沌口。程某供述,自己冒充警察执法有七、八个月,还出示了自己的假证件、假警服、假执法车。 随后,民警依法将该男子涉嫌冒充警察的违法行为移交神龙派出所进行调查处理。通过进一步调查,程某一直想当一名警察,由于种种原因未能考上,今年年初,心灰意冷的他在外面买了一套制服和工作证,将家中微型面包车印上“治安巡逻”字样,然后经常一个人开车在辖区巡逻。程某说,每次他看见车流较大的地方,他就会停下来指挥道路交通,看见有渣土车遮挡号牌、机动车不按道行驶、闯红灯等违规行为也会及时指出,予以纠正。每纠正一起违法行为,他就将记在一个“治安巡逻”的笔记本上。办案民警介绍,在这个笔记本上,详细记录了自今年8月份以来,程某共纠正各类道路交通违规行为百余起,共50多页。“为什么这样做?”当民警询问程某时,程某自豪地表示,“当一名警察很光荣,一直是我的梦想。”9月25日晚,程某受好友邀约聚餐,第一次吸食毒品。之后,他越想越愧疚,遂决定投案自首。办案民警今天介绍,因程某一直是在义务巡逻和纠章,从没干其他招摇赚骗的事,所以一直未曾被警方觉察。但即便如此,其假冒警察的行为依然违法,被行政拘留10日。扫码关注【大楚孝感】,获取更多新资讯!相关的主题文章: