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As a fresh recruit full 100 how to correctly open intelligent home appliances not only it is a TV set, or set of games, video, education and other functions in one of the big screen player; refrigerators can not only store food, it can also bar, wheatgrass calendar, small screen, the menu form highlights the player to appear in front of us this time… Functional appliance originally simple is not so simple, with smart label after they became "slash appliances". When the "TV" two words is not a detailed description of this product, you may need to have more with the "suffix" to distinguish children’s television TV that is intelligent… Small said: "slash appliances". Household electrical appliance products have been a single function of the rich, diversified originally was a good thing, because it also means that users can experience more content. If you can’t cook is a person, you can directly display the menu according to the refrigerator to finish cooking; if you put in the washing liquid often "washing machine, in fact tactlessly or indiscreetly" can also add appropriate dosage according to the weight of clothing. If these things seem to fly some practical, then some looks very strange feature is not so good. The next Xiaobian to introduce some household appliances sector new functions and the scene, in the end there is no use, is not "strange" or you say. · living room entertainment 1 using a mobile phone as a remote control for many enterprise products will WeChat mobile terminal control is the two level TV control function, we can in the mobile phone on demand television, radio, adjust the volume or the mobile phone screen to the TV screen screen projection. If the phone is your second remote control, then the original TV remote control should be placed where? When we can get the remote control, we will bother to use the phone to control the TV? Can only say that this is a new way to play, specifically how many people can get used to playing small series do not know. Usage: when you can’t find a remote control or a mobile phone at home to see what you want to see, you can use the phone remote control tv. 2 television television fitness fitness is the basic and game content linked, through some simple game function to achieve the "fitness" effect, this kind of game content first basically is limited, then how many people can persist every few days with a video game to fitness. When you are sitting in the living room with your family, friends and classmates, turn on the TV game and take turns to swing the remote control and feel happy. 3 shopping TV contact more TV shopping is the overseas purchase, APP, Taobao electric specials, TV video shopping these things, some people will tell us the TV screen, it seems convenient to buy things directly, mobile phone scan code you can pay. TV is generally open to see, this time how to do shopping? I believe a lot of people are on the side of the TV broadcast, while the other side to take out the phone to visit the electricity supplier website. Use the scene: when you feel that the phone, tablet, computer looks too hurt eyes, turn on the TV shopping APP 4..!相关的主题文章: